Masahiro Kikuno is the first Japanese watch maker to join the prestigious Swiss institution AHCI (Académie Horlogère Des Créateurs Indépendants). He is specialized in the manufacturing of exclusive handmade mechanical timepieces. Born in 1983, Masahiro Kikuno started his watchmaking after graduated from HIKO Mizuno College WOSTEP course. He remained as the teacher of this course.

In 2011, he became the candidate member of AHCI and unveiled the temporal hour watch called “Wadokei” in Baselworld watch fair in the same year. The originality of his watches amounts to what they are made by “hand “. The cutting out of the bridges and the tourbillon cage, and even enrolling the numbers on the dial plate are achieved by hand.

His master piece creations are: the Perpetual Calendar Tourbillon (2011), Japanese style “Temporal hour watch “(2011), Tourbillon (2012), ORIZURU (2013), MOKUME (2014), Wadokei Revision (2015), Wadokei Revision Gyousyou (2016, unique piece not for sale ), Wadokei Revision Jikon (unique piece not for sale) and Sakubou (2017).

Masahiro Kikuno Perpetual Calendar Tourbillon

Created by Masahiro Kikuno in 2011, the Perpetual Calendar Tourbillon watch boasts the calendar functions such as day, week, month and leap year indications and equip a tourbillon mechanism to improve the timekeeping by annulling errors of rate due to gravity.

This was for the first time in Japan that an independent watch maker created such a complex horological complication. To create the Perpetual Calendar tourbillon complex movement, Kikuno modified an ETA 6997 -1 manual winding movement by incorporating in-house designed and hand crafted components.

Technical details

Perpetual Calendar Tourbillon
Case: φ44.0mm, thickness: 17.3mm
Base movement: ETA 6497-1; Manual-winding
Handmade train-bridge
Perpetual calendar; Tourbillon
Dial: Hand paint calendar disk
Hands: Blue steel
Strap: Brown crocodile leather
Transparent back

Masahiro Kikuno Temporal Hour Watch

The Japanese style “Temporal hour watch “built in 2011 is the first “Automatic wari-koma dial watch (Wadokei)”, which has automatic index adjusting in each season. ”Temporal hour” system is the way of counting hours depends on the time of sunset and sunrise. Hours between sunrise and sunset are divided into 6 and used as one counting unit.

The time of sunset and sunrise varies along the season. So this unit hour changes by season. So, in Edo era, temporal hour clock was very well designed to adjust this unstable time unit system. This “Temporal hour” watch which Mr. Kikuno made was operated under the same system amazingly into small wrist watch world. The space between index will be longer in daytime and shorter in night time on the summer solstice, while shorter in daytime and longer in night time on the winter solstice.

This watch also provided not only temporal hours hand but regular hour hands so that we can find normal time and minutes. The base caliber of “Temporal hour watch” is Swiss made ETA 6498-1 movement.

Technical details

Case: 50.0×44.0mm, thickness: 16.0mm
Base movement: eta.6498-1; Manual-winding; Handmade train-bridge; Temporal hour display
Dial: Hand-painting index
Hands: Blue steel; Golden steel (Tempered steel).
Strap: Black crocodile leather
Note: Transparent back

Masahiro Kikuno Tourbillon 2012

The Tourbillon 2012 is a sunning watch complication entirely made by hand without the help of any CNC machines.

This manual winding tourbillon model is a unique piece and equipped with 19 jewels caliber MK 12. The 18 carat red gold case measuring 43 mm diameter comes with a transparent case back.

Technical details

Case: 43mm 18k Rose gold
Movement: Caliber MK12
19 jewels
1 minute Tourbillon
Manual winding
Herringbone finish
Transparent back
Edition: Unique piece
Price: 9,800,000JPY

Masahiro Kikuno Wadokei Revision

Technical details

Size – 42mm x 34mm
Case – Oxidized bronze and stainless steel
Water resistant – 3 ATM
Movement – cal. mk15
Frequency – 28,800 vph
Number of the stones – 26
Manual winding
Temporal Hour (adjustable by replacing a cam between north latitude 51.3 and south latitude 51.3)
Twenty-four seasons display (adjustable by the crown) on the back.
Letters on the index are engraved by Mr. Keiji Kanagawa
Availability – 1 per year.
Price – JPY18,000,000 (before tax).

Masahiro Kikuno SAKUBOU

Technical details

Size – 38mmCase – Kuro-Shibuichi and White gold {Shibuichi” is the alloy 75% copper and 25% silver. Shibuichi means “quarter”, so 25% silver made that name. It contained a tiny bit of gold, too. “Kuro-Shibuichi” is 40% of “Shibuichi” and 60% of “Shakudo” which is the alloy of copper + 3% gold.}
Water resistance – 3 ATM
Movement – cal. mk17
Frequency – 28,800 vph
Number of the stones – 22
Manual winding
Moonphase (accuracy of one day per 122 years)
Engraved by Masahiro Kikuno
Availability – 4 per year.
Price – JPY5, 000,000 (before tax).

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