Introducing the Wearable Devices MUDRA Gesture Control Wristband for Apple Watch

Wearable Devices Ltd., an Israeli start-up that develops neural sensing technology for controlling digital devices, has created an innovative wristband named Mudra, which can manage smart-watch functions by simple finger movements. To raise funds for the proposed Mudra Apple Watch-compatible band, the company also conducted an extremely successful online crowd-funding campaign from June to August this year.

In Sanskrit language, the word Mudra refers to gesture. The hand/finger gestures or mudras have been used in the Indian classical dances for indicating various ideas, events, and actions.

All modern tech-devices perform their assigned functions as per various input commands generated by the user. For all such devices, an input device or interface is a must. Some widely used input devices are key-board, mouse and touch-screen.

For example, smart watches utilize its touch-screen as an input interface. The wearer can input commands by touching on the respective menus on the screen with fingers or with a stylus.

Thanks to latest technical innovations, nowadays we can control any tech device with voice commands or with simple gestures/movements of hands, eyes etc. This requires different types of sensors. Some times we need advanced sensors that understands specific commands generated by nerve cells of the human brain.

Wearable Devices has developed a touch-free, gesture-control technique for converting the simple gestures (or mudras) into input commands of tech-devices . A prominent product based on this new technology is Mudra, a wristband specially created for smart-watches.

This innovative, high-tech wristband solves some typical issues being faced by several smart watch users. For example, most Smart watch interfaces force the user to stop, look at the watch, and employ the non-watch hand to operate the touch-screen – an impractical solution for multitasking or with hands that are wet, dirty, full, or gloved. Further, tapping the small button or the crown often can take a fair amount of fidgeting and using a Smartphone with the watch is often awkward.

Wearable Devices streamlines smart watch functionality through neural gesture control. The company’s Mudra Band for Apple Watch allows the owner to manage calls, control music, set timers, take selfies, activate Siri, and more, all by using the same hand that wears the watch. Mudra Band leaves the watch screen visible and allows for true hands-free interaction while multitasking, running, biking, holding things, or wearing gloves.

The Mudra Band uses embedded wrist sensors that detect electrical impulses sent from the brain to the fingers. Using AI deep learning algorithms, these unique neural patterns are matched to finger movements, which are pre-assigned to specific watch functions. The commands are sent to the watch using Bluetooth Low Energy. The band contains miniaturized electronics, 6-DOF IMU, and a microcontroller. The band can be worn on any hand – right or left – and with all sizes of Apple Watch.

Mudra Band creates an instant, immersive interface for Apple Watch users. The touch-less finger gestures that control the watch were developed through deep research into users’ intuitive perception, ultimately binding watch functions with the gestures that are most natural and easy to remember. Thus, for example, moving the index finger can be used to swipe, tapping the middle finger on the thumb can be used to skip tracks, and so on.

Wearable Devices Ltd. had already raised a funding amount of approximately $190,000 from their two-month Indiegogo crowd funding campaign launched in June 2020.

Now, the MUDRA BAND Gesture Control for Apple Watch is available for purchase via the Indiegogo InDemand campaign. The limited-time price for Mudra Band is set at $179.

Wearable Devices Ltd. is an Israeli-based start-up that develops a non-invasive brain-computer interface for controlling digital devices through subtle finger movements. Founded in 2014 by three Intel R&D Haifa alumni – Guy Wagner, Asher Dahan, and Leeor Langer – Wearable Devices employs ten professionals in the fields of sensor development, miniaturized electronics, bio-signal processing, machine learning, and UI design.

The company’s Mudra Inspire dev kit has been sold for the past two years to global electronics corporations and software solution providers, who use it to redefine interaction methods for smart watches, smart glasses, mobile phones, TVs, consoles & gaming, robotics, sports analytics, and digital health.

Please visit the MUDRA BAND Indiegogo InDemand campaign for more details.

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