Singer Reimagined Flytrack Prime Edition

The Singer Flytrack collection proposed by Singer Reimagined offers the most instantaneous and instinctive way of measuring short elapsed times. Created in collaboration with the Agenhor team in Geneva, its innovative horological complication allows easy measurement of multiple, sequential events.

Singer Flytrack is a “time only” watch, featuring the signature peripheral hours disc indication combined with central minutes and central swiping seconds. The main twist, not visible at first sight, is easily accessible through the push-button at 2 o’clock. A proprietary system allows the instant conversion of the central sweeping seconds hand into a flyback chronograph-hand.

The unique Singer AGH6364 mechanism allows the measurement of short events, as many times you wish, without interfering with the watch timekeeping. Holding the pushbutton down keeps the seconds hand motionless at zero. Releasing the button instantly sets the hand moving allowing quick-reaction. Pushing and releasing the button, will reset and restart immediately the central second hand for lightning time measurements.

The device can be used as well to zero-reset your watch time, very easily, whenever desired. Hold your push-button down and releasing it precisely at the right moment, to synchronize your watch.

Flytrack Prime Edition

The official Flytrack Collection launch will take place in Spring 2021, but 30 pieces will be available in unique, limited designs ahead of the launch.

Singer Flytrack Prime Edition will be available in 3 distinct models of 10 units each, featuring a Grade 5 Titanium case with a matte micro-blasted finishing and hand polished accents and an 18k gold digit hand-applied directly on the watch case, indicating the number of your own unique SINGER FLYTRACK Prime Edition.

The three models are inspired by three iconic chronographic scales: Tachymeter, Pulsometer and Telemeter, each offer a distinctive style and specialization. Only 10 numbered timepieces for each design will be produced.

Singer Reimagined Flytrack Prime Edition Tachymeter
Singer Reimagined Flytrack Prime Edition Tachymeter

“Tachymeter” allows easy calculation of average speed. Activate your Flytrack at the first mile or kilometer marker and at the second you’ll know your average speed. Matte black velvet-touch dial, featuring the triple tachymetric scale, allowing measurement of average speeds from 20 to 300 Km/h. Circular brushed rehaut with black index for easy reading. Rotating hour disc in black matte ceramic featuring an orange luminescent arrow. Black soft calf leather strap, in rally style, with orange stitching. Pin buckle.

Singer Reimagined Flytrack Prime Edition_Telemeter
Singer Reimagined Flytrack Prime Edition Telemeter

“Telemeter” allows easy calculation of the distance between you and an event you can both see and hear – like the storm front producing lightning and thunder. Matte black velvet-touch dial, featuring a luminescent green distance scale, measuring up to 15 km. Circular brushed black rehaut with luminescent green indexes, for easy time reading. Rotating hour disc in black matte ceramic featuring a white luminescent arrow. Black technical textile strap, with green stitching. Pin buckle.

Singer Reimagined Flytrack Prime Edition_Pulsometer
Singer Reimagined Flytrack Prime Edition Pulsometer

“Pulsometer” allows easy reading of your heart rate. Push the button, count 15 beats and read your heart-rate from the scale. Matte Tobacco velvet-touch dial, with ecru scale indexed to 15 beats. Circular brushed golden rehaut with black index, for easy reading. Rotating hour disc in black matte ceramic, featuring an ecru luminescent arrow. Brown calfskin leather strap, with orange stitching. Pin buckle.

The Singer Flytrack movement AGH6364 was developed in collaboration with Agenhor. This playful yet useful complication is the most minimalistic iteration on the chronograph theme. The movement features 314 components, manual winding, two barrels providing 55h of power reserve, 49 jewels and a unique flyback & zero-reset function.

The clutch, provided with triangular teeth, features a ratio of one tooth to three, to limit jumping forward or backward, and reduce errors in case of shock. In the worst case, the seconds hand can jump of maximum 1 degree.

A large lever permanently keeps the system engaged, allowing the seconds hand swiping motion. When the user presses the reset button, the lever releases the clutch which disengages. The lever also acts as a reset hammer by pressing on a heart-cam in the center. When the user releases the button, the lever returns to its initial position and re-engages the system to restart the seconds hand motion instantly.

Singer Reimagined has launched a pre-launch campaign that will see 30 Flytrack Prime Collection timepieces made available. Only 10 watches, for each of the 3 different styles, will be ever produced. Every watch, numbered from 1 to 10, will carry an 18k gold digit on the case, matching the chosen serial number.

Reservations and prices

Reservations are open from November 2nd 2020. Number assignation will be made according to the order in which reservation are received. Flytrack Prime Collection is available at Singer Reimagined website and at the brand’s Official Retailers. The official retail price is 26500 CHF (before local taxes). Watches will be available starting April 2021, and the delivery schedule will follow the order in which reservations are received. Purchase price includes: 3 years Manufacturer Warranty and worldwide shipping.

Technical details

Model: Singer Flytrack Prime Edition

Calibre Singer AGH6364
Manual mechanical movement, Singer Reimagined exclusive convertible flyback sweep second hand (60 seconds)
Dimensions: 34.40 mm
Height: 7.18 mm
Number of parts: 314
Number of jewels: 49
Power reserve: 55 hours
Escapement: Swiss lever
Balance: Flat with AgenPit regulator
Frequency: 21’600 vph (3 Hz)

Hours on peripheral discs, central minutes and central seconds with flyback zero reset function

Material: Grade 5 Titanium
Diameter: 43 mm
Height: 15 mm
Crystal: Sapphire with double-sided antireflective coating
Back: Screwed with sapphire crystal
Water resistance: 10 ATM / 100 meters

Material: Calfskin or textile
Sizes: On request
Buckle: Pin buckle in brushed steel with polished edges

Retail price
26’500 CHF (Excluding VAT and local taxes)

Limited edition
10 pieces of each design