Armin Strom Lady Beat

Armin Strom presents Lady Beat, the very first model created specifically for women by the Biel-based luxury manufacture. This new watch belongs to Armin Strom’s recently released System 78 Collection, which highlights innovative watch making at a competitive price.

The Lady Beat is a decidedly feminine one, but one exuding the technical looks and feel of the genuine manufacture movement powering every Armin Strom timepiece. Instead of using the brand’s testosterone-influenced in-house design, Armin Strom has consulted two lady freelance designers to ensure authenticity and a decidedly feminine feel.

Armin Strom Lady Beat

Lady Beat features an off-center dial and slimmer new case with a much smaller diameter. The 38 mm case diameter of Lady Beat is a first at Armin Strom. The highlight of the front of this watch is the visible triplet of bridges echoing the pocket watch inspiration behind Caliber ALA20, just one of many mechanical elements visible on the dial.

Armin Strom Lady Beat watch movement

The contemporary dimensions maintain the essence of Armin Strom DNA while shaping a new aesthetic that showcases the brand’s love for reduction to the essential, enhancing legibility, and maximizing the user experience for discerning female collectors, enthusiasts, and casual wearers.

While the inspiration for this watch originated with Greisler and Michel, they wisely collaborated with two women very well acquainted with designing watches for other women.

Armin Strom Lady Beat movement rotor side

The watch’s winding is automatic for maximum comfort. The visible micro rotor from Gravity Equal Force was redeveloped into a full-sized central rotor on the back to ensure more winding power and a long power reserve.

Armin Strom Lady Beat

Working with the female design consultants, the Armin Strom team decided to orient Lady Beat’s look on Gravity Equal Force to both build on and highlight the freshly launched System 78 collection. While the base idea is rooted in Gravity Equal Force, and the movement remains the centrepiece of any Armin Strom watch, the mechanics have been reordered to ensure both the svelte, wearable character of the watch and to put the spotlight on mechanical dial animation.

The previous case design has been trimmed down even further from the already relatively lithe proportions of Gravity Equal Force (as compared to the rest of Armin Strom’s line) to create the first 38-millimeter case at Armin Strom.

Armin Strom Lady Beat automatic watch

Greisler and the two female designers very quickly settled on a watch filled with soft shapes: the normally very classic lugs of an Armin Strom watch were cast aside in favor of an integrated strap, and the overall look is filled with circles and semi-circles rather than the angular shapes generally associated with this classically male brand.

Another example is that the dial no longer has numerals, but rather more softness thanks to a reduced logo that simultaneously functions as the 12 o’clock marker. Visible screws holding the undulating, patterned dial to the plate below remain visible, though, reminding us unmistakably that this is a technical oeuvre by Armin Strom.

Armin Strom Lady Beat automatic watch black dial

The second hand, which can quickly turn a watch into more of an instrument, has also been foregone here in favor of a clean look. There is no shortage of technical elements on the dial: first and foremost, the visible balance with its mesmerizing rotations practically occupy the position of honor on the dial. The indications, on the other hand, are off-center, as is often the case at Armin Strom, and given less focus than the watch’s beating heart.

Conceived from the get-go to be a technical ladies’ watch, the movement was redeveloped to bring the balance, the beating heart of any watch, to the front of the watch where it is visible at any time. Its hypnotizing movement also allows the wearer to see at a glance whether the watch is running.

Additionally, the team removed the ingenious stop-works declutch system and motor barrel design crafted to transmit equal force to the balance from Gravity Equal Force’s movement to minimize Lady Beat’s movement height and keep its dimensions svelte. And, finally, the team decided to remove the running seconds, deciding that they distracted from the beauty of and focus on the balance in motion, the watch’s pulse.

The Armin Strom Lady Beat features a stainless-steel case and is priced at CHF 16,900.

Technical details

Model: Lady Beat/ Ref. ST20 – LAB

Armin Strom manufacture Caliber ALA20
Automatic winding with central rotor
Regulating system: Balance wheel with 4 regulating screws
Power reserve:70 hours
Dimensions: 32.70 mm x 8.34 mm
Frequency: 3.5 Hz (25,200 vph)
Finishing: Hand-finishing to the highest quality level
Jewels: 20
Number of components: 185

Hours, minutes

Stainless steel
Sapphire crystal and case back with anti-reflective treatment
Diameter: 38 mm
Height: 11.65mm
Water resistance: 3ATM

Offset in white or black
Hands: Manufactured by Armin Strom – stainless steel with hand finishing

Bi-material rubber and Alcantara in satin white or black

CHF 16,900