It is confirmed from reliable sources that Daniel Nebel, the founder of the independent Swiss watch brand NORD ZEITMASCHINE, passed away on 20th September 2020. He was 49 years old and his sudden demise is a significant loss for the independent watch making sector.

DANIEL NEBEL (Pic courtesy: Fréret-Roy)

Daniel Nebel was born in 1971 and he established his own watch brand NORD ZEITMASCHINE in 2001. The brand name refers to two passions of Daniel Nebel. The first inspiration is his roots. He was born in the Northern part of Switzerland. So he selected the word NORD (north) as a geological reference.

The word ZEITMASCHINE, which means Time Machine, reflects the brand’s second inspiration i.e. machine engineering. Before venturing into watch making, Daniel Nebel had been working as a mechanical engineer specialized in prototype machine construction and tool building.


DANIEL made his first watch in 1998 under his own name. Since 2001, he began producing mechanical timepieces under the brand name NORD ZEITMASCHINE. His noteworthy timepieces are VARIOCURVE, QUICKINDICATOR, FREESDIAL, and CROSSNROLL.

These micro-mechanical wonders are known for their complex mechanisms and precision timekeeping. He was one of the most promising independent watchmakers in Switzerland.

DANIEL NEBEL is no longer with us as a serious illness claimed his life on 20 September this year.

Courtesy: https://www.freret-roy.com/