BOTTA TRES 24 Plus Titan

TRES is a three-hands watch from German watch brand BOTTA, who has been renowned for their classic single hand watches. This 12-hour, multi-hand watch combines apparent contrasts and builds a bridge between the classic functionalism of the BAUHAUS and timeless modern design. BOTTA also offers a 24-hour version of this three-hands watch.

Featuring a 24 hour dial, the TRES 24 represents the time analogous to the sun. The 24-hour dial mirrors exactly the day on earth: 12 hours day in the upper half and 12 hours night in the lower half. One complete rotation of the hour hand corresponds exactly to the rotation time of the earth around their own axis – that is 24 hours or one day. The date changes as soon as the hour hand crosses the date line on the lower half of the dial.

Made from stainless steel or titanium, both 12H and 24H watch models are available with automatic and quartz versions. The TRES 12H watch is available in 40 mm or 44 mm case size and the TRES 24H comes with an option of 40mm or 45mm case size.

In 2019, BOTTA introduced TRES 24 plus titan, the new 24-hour three-hand watch with a protected design, three-part titanium case and second indicator. For the second generation of the all-day watch, the dial graphics have now been made much quieter. Instead of the usual second hand, it now has the innovative second indicator.

BOTTA TRES 24 Plus Titan Automatic

The TRES 24 plus titan features a 45mm diameter case made entirely of titanium. Each TRES 24 plus titan automatic version houses a Swiss made ETA 2893-2. Its quartz counterpart is powered by the RONDA 515.24H Swiss-made calibre.

BOTTA TRES 24 plus titan quartz watch

Three different titanium alloys are used for the new three-part case to ensure the best characteristics. This special case construction is currently only available from BOTTA. Like the entire watch, the second indicator is registered for “protected design”.

BOTTA has developed the new C pointer for the new TRES 24 plus titan. It consists of a small second disc with an open circle printed on it. The opening replaces the usual second hand. In favour of a calmer display of the progressing time, the second hand is deliberately omitted. The minimal movement of the “C” only becomes visible on closer inspection – nevertheless, half or quarter minutes can be easily estimated.

BOTTA TRES 24 Plus Titan Automatic watch

Titanium is the most precious of the light metals and has numerous outstanding properties such as high strength at low weight, good dimensional stability or absolute absence of allergies. Depending on the type of titanium, one of the properties predominates. Thanks to the new three-layer structure, BOTTA has optimally combined these properties in the TRES 24 plus titanium.

For the most stressed top ring around the sapphire crystal, a particularly resistant titanium alloy is chosen, which is otherwise used in turbine and aircraft construction, for example. The central part of the housing is made of a mechanically improved version of pure titanium. The bottom itself is made of a titanium grade that is used in the medical sector.

Technical details

Model: BOTTA TRES 24 Plus Titan

Diameter: 45 mm
Height: 9.5 mm (automatic version)/8.5mm (Quartz version)
Glass: Double domed sapphire crystal with double scratch resistant anti-reflection coating
Water resistance: 5 ATM

Automatic: ETA 2893-2 Swiss Made, individually adjusted by hand
Quartz: RONDA 515.24H Swiss-made, battery type 371

24-hour multi-hand watch with date

Allergy-free, vegetable tanned bio-leather strap
Leather strap
Rubber strap
Steel link bracelet
Milanese strap
Saddle leather strap

Automatic: From 1590 Euros
Quartz: From 498 Euros