ANDERSEN Genève Tempus Terrae 40th Anniversary (with an invisible-set baguette diamonds bezel)

This year, ANDERSEN Genève announced the release of four special edition watches to mark its 40th anniversary. The first creation of this anniversary series is the Tempus Terrae watch with an invisible-set baguette diamonds bezel. This exquisite timepiece was introduced to Asia Collectors in January 2020.

ANDERSEN Genève’s first series of timepieces includes the “Communication 24”, a limited edition of 24 timepieces displaying the 24 world time zones. Many “Unique Piece” with time zones indication have been created and produced featuring a variation of additional complications. The fifth edition of world time watches was presented in 2015, the Tempus Terrae. This 5th edition World-time watch by ANDERSEN Genève was commemorating the first world time watch with two crowns developed by Louis Cottier in the 50’s.

ANDERSEN Genève Tempus Terrae 40th Anniversary (with an invisible-set baguette diamonds bezel)

The Tempus Terrae carries ANDERSEN Genève’s DNA adorned by watch Collectors: a very sober and classy watch case in gold with aesthetic simplicity. The centre of the dial is made of exclusive Blue-Gold that ANDERSEN Genève has been mastering for decades.

It is a 21ct gold with iron elements in it. Once heated the gold gets an exclusive blue colour that reflects light in a very special way. No two dials get out of the oven with the same colour, making every dial unique. The hand guilloché “scale” pattern empowers light reflection too. It is an extremely difficult texture to handcraft.

In order to let the Blue-Gold dial shine as much as possible, the ANDERSEN Genève logo was removed from the centre of the dial and replaced by the “A” logo on the outer ring of the dial, the so called “City Ring”, above GENEVE. Brushed “A” shaped Andersen hands are also part of ANDERSEN Genève’s DNA. They remain as discreet as possible to give a clear visibility of time.

The Tempus Terrae has two crowns. The first one with the “A” logo will set the time (minutes and hours). The second one with a “TT on a globe” logo will be used to set the reference time zone, i.e. the corresponding city, where the user is living (or travelling).This new Tempus Terrae with 36 baguette diamonds (D color, VVS+, 2.25ct) invisible setting bezel adding a delicate touch to this classical timepiece.