Konstantin Chaykin Mars Conqueror Mk3 Fighter

Konstantin Chaykin presents Mars Conqueror Mk3 Fighter, a specialized mechanical watch that is reliable and capable of functioning autonomously both in space and on the Mars.

The “Mars Time” project by Konstantin Chaykin was launched in 2017 with an aim to create a wristwatch suitable for future Martian missions. In 2019, the prototype “Mars Conqueror Mk1” was unveiled.

In this prototype Konstantin Chaykin invented and implemented an impressive array of functions, with nine additional complications and features. Among these are a unique complication with synchronised Earth and Mars times, a Mars date display using the Mars calendar, with the possibility of it being used as a way of showing the duration of the mission in sols (Mars-days), a function showing the relative positions of the Sun, Earth and Mars, and a planetary opposition and superior opposition complication.

The “Mars Conqueror Mk3 Fighter” watch, developed by Konstantin Chaykin with the necessity and inevitability of humanity’s colonization of the red planet in mind, points to the future – hence its futuristic design, seasoned with a clearly tangible militaristic touch.

That being said, this watch still retains some details which link to the past, and the history of the Konstantin Chaykin Manufactory. In 2009, during the development of his vintage style aviator watch project, he invented and subsequently patented a construction controlling the function of the winding crown.

That 2009 aviator wristwatch has a unique design featuring two vertical crowns, one of which is used for winding the movement and setting the time, while the other is used for switching modes (invention of Konstantin Chaykin, Patent RU2518300).

The source of inspiration for creating this device was the dials of the dashboards of Soviet aircraft, and now in a modernized form it is used in the “Mars Conqueror Mk3 Fighter” watch, where the crown is used to switch between three modes – manual winding of the movement, setting the UTC time zone indicator (with a clockwise rotation) or setting MCT (with an anticlockwise rotation), and setting local Earth time.

In order to make these functions more convenient, the indicators operated by the crown are intelligently set on the dial of the “Mars Conqueror Mk3 Fighter” watch, the wheel train for which, with two steel levers, is set directly under the dial at the bottom part of the movement.

The terrestrial time is shown by three hands – hours, minutes and seconds – supplemented in this watch by the 24-hour time zone indicator hand, while the Konstantin Chaykin-invented “Martian” wheel movement (Patent RU2685764) provides the precise indication of Martian time with two hands, showing hours and minutes, without requiring an additional watch movement.

The basic watch movement is the tried and tested Swiss-made Eta 2893-2, modified by Konstantin Chaykin by the addition of a functional module entirely created in Russia by Konstantin Chaykin Manufactory.

The complexities of the watch mechanics of the “Mars Conqueror Mk3 Fighter” are shown by the fact that the functional module is made up of 125 separate parts, each meticulously processed and finished by hand in full accordance with the traditions of haute horlogerie.

The “Mars Conqueror Mk3 Fighter” watch has an ergonomic case of a dynamic, trapezoidal design, which is dominated by triangular edges. There is a bezel fixed to the case by 24 functional screws, resembling the mooring lock of a spacecraft docking system.

In the first Martian aviator watch in history, Konstantin Chaykin has decided not to use hands of a traditional design, preferring instead to invent his own “Mars” hands. He was guided during this process by the requirements of watch hands in the military, with the hands needing to be large enough to be clearly distinguishable on the dial and covered with a luminous paint composition.

The hands are inspired by the characteristic shape of a rocket. The hands of the terrestrial time indicator are marked with blue-green luminophore, while the Mars time hands are marked in orange.

The numbers of the hours scale, and the minutes scale, of the dark brown dial are made of the innovative monolithic luminophore, the technology for which was developed by Konstantin Chaykin. These elements, which start to glow in twilight and darkness, have a three-dimensional shape, giving this new watch an incredibly attractive look.

The futuristic design and functionality of the “Mars Conqueror Mk3 Fighter” watch is complemented by a narrative of the value of the traditions of mechanical watchmaking.

The first edition of this new “Conqueror” watches Konstantin Chaykin decided to make from titanium, traditionally perceived as an aircraft and space material, which is in the best way consistent with the purpose and functionality of the new watch. Only 8 pieces will be released.

Technical details

Model: Konstantin Chaykin Mars Conqueror Mk3 Fighter

Caliber K.15-0 with automatic winding
Base movement: Swiss-made ETA2893-2
Functional module by Konstantin Chaykin Manufactory
Movement dimensions – Diameter 35.6mm, height 6.6mm (inc. module)
Escapement: Lever Escapement
Balance frequency: 28,800 semi-oscillations per hour
Power reserve: 42 hours
Jewels: 29 (21 jewels for base movement, 8 jewels for module)
Module components: 125

Hours, minutes and seconds indicator of local Earth time; second time zone (UTC) indicator with central 24-hour hand; hours and minutes indicator of Mars time (MCT) on additional dial in 6 o’clock position; mode indicator of the functional (winding) crown

Aviator type with double vertical crown (invented by Konstantin Chaykin, Patent RU2518300); functional (winding) crown for winding and setting the time, crown switches between one of three modes of the functional crown – manual winding of the movement, setting the UTC time zone indicator (with a clockwise rotation) or setting MTC (with an anticlockwise rotation), and setting local Earth time.

Titanium, caseback with sapphire crystal
Case dimensions: 55.82mm x 48mm; height 15.3mm
Sapphire crystal with antireflective coating, diameter 36mm
Case components: 90

Finish: Dark-grey (anthracite) background, three-dimensional luminescent marking elements
Dial components: 15

Black leather with orange stitching and orange lining
Buckle: Standard, titanium, by Konstantin Chaykin Manufactory

Limited edition of 8 pieces