Hermès Arceau Pocket Aaaaargh!

Hermès presents the Arceau Pocket Aaaaaargh!, a high-complication pocket watch created in co-operation with English artist Alice Shirley. It is the third timepiece born from the collaboration between the Swiss luxury watch brand and Alice Shirley. First two creations were the Slim of Hermes Grrrrr! & the Arceau Awooooo.

Hermes Arceau Pocket Aaaaargh!_cadran©Claude Joray
©Claude Joray

After the gruff bear of the Slim of Hermes Grrrrr! and the wolf howling in the moonlight of the Arceau Awooooo, the Arceau Pocket Aaaaaargh! Watch highlights a tyrannosaurus aka T-Rex. On this new watch model, the «king of the tyrant lizards» with half-open jaws and an attentive eye comes to life under the expert guidance of Hermès watchmakers, after a month of meticulous work using exclusive techniques developed in its leather workshops.

Hermes Arceau Pocket Aaaaargh!_cadran©Claude Joray
©Claude Joray

The design of the tyrannosaurus, which appears to be peeking through a porthole, stands out against the cover and involves a combination of several demanding skills. The head and scales are made in leather mosaic: thousands of finely hand-cut multi-coloured leather fragments are applied one by one to faithfully reproduce the original pattern.

Hermes Arceau Pocket Aaaaargh!_cadran©Claude Joray (3)
©Claude Joray

The domed eye of the dinosaur, visible on both sides of the cover, is made of cabochon-cut Grand Feu enamel. Finally, the jaw and tongue are crafted in leather marquetry: fine tesserae are cut from various coloured leathers, previously thinned to just 0.5 mm, before being juxtaposed on the enamel base. Setting the final touch to this miniaturized leather artwork, a matt green alligator leather cord-strap is secured to the rectangular stirrup and accentuates the overall design.

Hermes Arceau Pocket Aaaaargh!_cadran©Claude Joray (4)
©Claude Joray

This 48mm white gold pocket watch houses the Hermès H1924 manufacture self-winding movement equipped with minute repeater and flying tourbillion complications. Beats at 3Hz, it has a power reserve of 90 hours.

Technical details

Model: ARCEAU Pocket Aaaaargh!
Edition: One-of-a-kind creation

Manufacture Hermès H1924 movement
Mechanical self-winding movement, crafted in Switzerland
Diameter: 30mm
Thickness: 8.89mm
Power reserve: 90 hours
Frequency: 21,600 vph (3Hz)

Hours, minutes, minute repeater, flying tourbillion

Shape/size: Round, 48 mm in diameter
Material: White gold case and cover
Watch glass: Anti-glare sapphire crystal and caseback
Caseback engraved with the inscription “Pièce unique”
Water resistance: 3 bar

White enamel on a white gold base

“Aaaaargh” marquetry and leather mosaic motif
Grand Feu enamel eye

Leather cord-strap
Medium – green alligator leather