ArtyA Historic Gold

Swiss luxury watch brand ArtyA pays tribute to important vintage movements with its new Historic Collection.

The Valjoux 23VZ circa 1938 is the first movement carefully selected by ArtyA for this new collection. This movement is highly sought-after for its quality, precision and beauty. For example, in a November 2013 Christie’s Geneva auction, a Patek Philippe 1463 in steel was sold for more than $500,000. This ultra-coveted watch represents the quintessence of the Patek line of the 1950s. This watch is powered by the Patek caliber 13-130, which is a re-decorated Valjoux 23, the same movement family as the Valjoux 23VZ ArtyA is using for this first historical movement piece.

ArtyA Historic Gold

To celebrate this incredible piece of history, ArtyA has skeletonized and delicately hand-engraved every detail of this movement. To cap it off, the movement is in a solid 18k rose gold case.

Technical details

Movement: Historical Valjoux 23VZ, Chronograph manual winding fully skeletonized
Case: 18k full rose gold case
Dial hand engraved
Diameter Ø38mm
Open Back
Water resistance 50 meters
High quality handmade leather strap
Unique Piece 1/1
Price: 34’900 CHF