Nivada Grenchen is a Swiss watch brand founded in the 1920s. Its origins trace back to 1926, when Jacob Schneider established the watch company Wüllimann Schneider Nivada S.A. in the town of Grenchen located in the north-east region of Switzerland.

The company mainly produced affordable mechanical watches using movements from manufactures like Phénix S.A. and Ebauches SA. It was one of the first Swiss brands to offer automatic watches.

Croton distributed Nivada Grenchen watches in the United States. Many of these watches featured the names of both companies on their dials to highlight the partnership.

Their notable watch collections are Antarctic (1950), Chronomaster (1963), Depthomatic (1964) and Depthmaster (1965). In the 1970s, with the introduction of Quartz watches, many Swiss watch companies had to cease mechanical watch production. The Nivada Grenchen Company found it difficult to survive despite its efforts to catch up the quartz revolution. In the 1980s, the brand rights were sold to a South Korean watch company and after some years, the Mexican business group Industrial Omega SA de CV acquired the NIVADA brand, and they still own it.

The new owners based in Mexico offers quartz watches bearing NIVADA SWISS brand name, especially for the Mexican domestic market. In 2018, two watchmaking entrepreneurs – Guillaume Laidet and Remi Chabrat – have decided to revive the NIVADA brand with its original legacy.

Guillaume Laidet is the founder of William L.1985 watch brand. Remi Chabrat is the owner of the Montrichard Group, the private label watch manufacturer with an immense experience in the production of wristwatches. As a private label watchmaker, Remi also has business relationship with the Mexican group (Grupo Industrial Omega SA de CV) who owned the Nivada brand. In 2019, the Industrial Omega SA de CV group gave Guillaume and Remi the license to use the Nivada Grenchen copyright.

As a first step to revive the iconic Nivada Grenchen brand, both Guillaume and Remi have announced the re-editions of the Chronomaster and the Antarctic watch models. The new collections are Swiss made and utilize Sellita mechanical movements.

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