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Yvan Monnet is an independent watch brand based in Geneva. It was founded by Yvan Monnet, an experienced watchmaker from the historic “Cabinotiers” district of Geneva. As of now, the brand offers two flagship collections: FIVE and Mina.

Yvan Monnet’s mechanical timepieces have an identity characteristic that is the supreme Grail in watchmaking: a shape that is instantly identifiable. This particular design immediately associates these watches with this independent watchmaker who restores luster and nobility to the watchmaking and finishing arts.

The atypical pentagonal shape of Yvan Monnet’s watches is now conquering more and more followers, both among collectors and trendy enthusiasts. The elegant watch cases with five sides please free, non-conformist people. They reflect a successful integration of perfect roundness, cleverly tamed angles and invisible and subtle aesthetic balances.

With the privilege of a some twenty years professional career in the most prestigious Geneva watch manufactures, he has decided to use this age-old know-how for a project that suits him; a brand that embodies quality and expertise. His time at Patek Philippe has allowed him to become familiar with the intricacies of watch decoration and the art of the brand’s finishings.

His support functions for the Historic Pieces Department and the “Métiers d’Art” Department gave him the opportunity to acquire solid knowledge in the conception of the watch case. He then developed his expertise as a creator at Vacheron Constantin by designing cases and dials with decorative applications in collaboration with renowned craftsmen. He has also acquired a special know-how in the production of pocket watches and minute repeaters.

Today, Yvan Monnet creates timepieces featuring an innovative and totally unexpected pure shape. His pentagonal creations are promises for the future in a context of globalized uniformity. Today, through the FIVE and Mina collections, they embody a desirability made of originality. A slightly rebellious approach, entrusted to passionate artists and craftsmen for whom the added value does not only come from the designer or the motorist, but from an entire chain where, for example, the ‘finisher’ can change the appearance of a watch product.

Contact details

Place Simon Goulart, 2
CH-1201 Genève
Website: https://ymonnet.ch/

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