BA111OD is a one-of-a-kind watch brand/marketing concept introduced by Thomas Baillod, a veteran of the watch industry. Officially launched on 10th November 2019, BA111OD follows a unique 360° customer-centric watchmaking concept.

BA111OD is a disruptive concept based on the mutual interest of all stakeholders, which merges physical and digital sales and intends to address the shortcomings of the traditional distribution system. It is an ecosystem that encompasses a watch brand and its distribution through a community of “Afluendors” connected via a dedicated application.


This ecosystem has enabled the brand to accomplish its vision in just a few months, without any form of crowd-funding, angel investment or aggressive marketing, in the midst of the Covid crisis. The first watches were delivered as early as February 2020. Within a few months, and in the midst of the Covid-19 crisis, the brand convinced more than 800 customers and sold around 900 pieces for a turnover of around CHF 330,000. The brand is present on all 5 continents; beside Switzerland, its main markets are France, the United States, Mexico and Dubai.

The unique brand name ‘BA111OD’ was taken from the founder’s family name BAILLOD, by replacing the letters ‘I’ and ‘L’ with digit 1. The BAILLOD family traces its roots to Jacques Baillod, the legendary 15th century knight who fearlessly defended the Bridge of Thielle in 1476.


Coined by BA111OD, the Swiss start-up company based in Neuchâtel, “Afluendors” is an acronym of Ambassadors-Influencers-Vendors. Afluendors are the cornerstone of the BA111OD system. They can be either individuals or partner shops. Sales are only made through them as they hold the resale rights of the watches.

Afluendors participate actively in the project and its promotion by sharing with their family, colleagues and friends the concept, the values of BA111OD, as well as the pleasure and pride they have in wearing their watch. They thus form a close-knit and active community that communicates via an application developed for this purpose.

BA111OD application

The BA111OD application is a community sales platform that encompasses communication and marketing. From putting the “Afluendors” in contact with the buyers to submit the order, via the shopping basket and the payment terminal, it allows total traceability throughout the process and the remuneration of all those involved.

The sale is community-based thus allowing the emergence of a new business model for all stakeholders. The novel marketing system introduced by Thomas Baillod makes use of social media platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook, Apps like Instagram and WhatsApp as well as Google Maps and Micro-websites. For example, LinkedIn was the launching platform for the brand concept, when it was introduced in November 2019.

How the BA111OD concept works?

When an individual or a partner shop purchases a BA111OD watch, they become a member of the brand’s Afluendors network. With the purchase of a watch, each Afluendor gets 4 sales rights (Tokens). When a new customer desires to purchase a BA111OD watch, he or she should contact an Afluendor for Tokens. After converting their 4 Tokens into sales, each Afluendor will be able to choose an additional watch in the same chapter, which will be offered to them for free.

BA111OD Chapter 1 Collection

The debut collection from the brand is Chapter 1. It is a mechanical watch collection designed by a Swiss designer and produced entirely in Asia by reputable manufacturing partners. The BA111OD Chapter 1 watch incorporates a 47-jewels mechanical automatic movement with two oscillators that are visible through the open-worked main dial.

Featuring an open-worked dial, the watch offers a regulator type display with a large centre seconds-hand and an off-centered sub-dial housing hour and minute hands as well as applied hour-markers. The color of sub-dial can be black, grey, navy blue or ice blue depending on the version. The dial plate features Côtes de Genève pattern or vertical brushed finish. The domed sapphire crystal with double anti-reflective coating offers crystal clear view of the dial indications and movement components.

BA111OD Chapter 1.1 Silver
BA111OD Chapter 1.1 Silver

The 43 mm diameter 316L steel case of the watch offers a subtle alternation of brushed and polished finishes. The movement has been deliberately rotated one hour clockwise to give the watch an immediately recognisable asymmetry. The four levels on a transparent background enhance the exceptional 3D rendering. The transparent crystal case-back offers the view of self-winding movement that beats inside.

BA111OD Chapter 1.2 Blue
BA111OD Chapter 1.2 Blue

The crown bears the coat of arms of the Baillod family. Each BA111OD watch comes with a natural leather strap with a matching color theme and a folding clasp.

BA111OD Chapter 1.3 Bicolor
BA111OD Chapter 1.3 Bicolor

Presently four models are available in this collection: Chapter 1.1 Silver, Chapter 1.2 Blue, Chapter 1.3 Bicolor and Chapter 1.4 Black Ice.

BA111OD Chapter 1.4 Black Ice
BA111OD Chapter 1.4 Black Ice

All BA111OD watches are numbered and each of them goes through a final quality control at the headquarters in Neuchâtel. After-sales service is also provided in Neuchâtel. Each watch is covered by a 2-year international warranty.

Technical details

Collection: BA111OD Chapter 1

Diameter: 43mm
Material: Stainless steel 316L case (Chapter 1.4 Black Ice features gun metal PVD case)
Open case back
Glass: domed sapphire crystal with double anti reflective coating
Crown at 4 o’clock, engraved with the logo BA111OD
Water resistance: 3 ATM (rain & water splash)

Automatic movement with double oscillator
47 jewels
Power reserve: 42 hours

Chapter 1.1 Silver: Grey dial with applied indexes, Côtes de Genève decoration
Chapter 1.2 Blue: navy blue dial with applied indexes, Côtes de Genève decoration
Chapter 1.3 Bicolor: Black dial  with applied indexes, Côtes de Genève decoration
Chapter 1.4 Black Ice: ice blue dial with applied indexes, Vertical brushed finish

Genuine calf leather with alligator pattern & deploying buckle
Color: Black or blue or dark brown

Chapter 1.1 Silver: CHF 360
Chapter 1.2 Blue: CHF 360
Chapter 1.3 Bicolor: CHF 360
Chapter 1.4 Black Ice: CHF 380

[*Prices excluding VAT]

About Thomas Baillod

Born in 1971 in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Thomas Baillod is an expert and a veteran of the watch industry which has experienced more than one crisis. Confronted with the quartz crisis in his childhood, he was responsible for the watchmaking supplement of the newspaper Le Temps at Publicitas when the press began its painful conversion to digital in the early 2000s.

Having taken up responsibilities within a major independent watchmaking brand, he faced the global economic crisis in 2008 and subsequently the rise of e-commerce, which has lastingly destabilised the entire sector.

From these numerous and rich experiences acquired in international distribution, he is convinced that the major challenge for a company is to anticipate and support technological breakthroughs. An MBA lecturer and founder of the Watch Trade Academy, he is today at the head of BA111OD, a Swiss start-up that is revolutionising watchmaking in general and distribution in particular.

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