HEGID is a French brand specialized in the production of easy configurable mechanical watches that can instantly transform their visual identify according to the desires and needs of the wearer. This process can be done in seconds without any tools. This easiness and freedom in customizing a timepiece offers new possibilities previously unknown in watchmaking. This patented invention is a result of three years of development.

The brand made its debut in the summer of 2018 by launching mechanical watches with a patented evolutionary innovation that no other brand has proposed before. By offering a capsule optimized to be reliable in the long term, embodying a specially prepared Swiss movement, and by allowing the user to dress it with external carrures, as much clothes as armors, Hegid allows to configure the watches to the tastes of each one, then to transform them on a daily basis, according to the desires, without any tools.

In March 2019, Hegid unveiled its innovative products for the first time at Baselworld, the leading worldwide Watchmaking Salon.

Made in France, each innovatively designed HEGID watch features three main parts: Capsule, Carrure and Bracelet. The HEGID watch capsule houses movement, dial and hands. It is also fitted with crown, front glass and case-back.

The capsule once purchased, will accompany the wearer for decades. The wearer can build different styles of his HEGID watch by equipping the capsule with the interchangeable elements like the carrure and the bracelet.

Hegid watches are made to last for generations. They can also be easily transformed, in a few seconds, to adapt to desires and situations. After purchasing a Hegid watch, anyone can upgrade it with a new carrure, a new capsule or a new bracelet.


In 2018, HEGID made its debut with two versions of capsules: Neo (with black dial) and Retro (with brown dial). In 2020, the brand introduced the new Mirage capsule with pearl grey and black dial versions.

The Capsules are 100 meters waterproof thanks to their screwed crowns, tubes and case backs. For an optimal dial and movement visibility, their glasses are made of anti scratch, anti-reflective sapphire crystal, letting their users contemplate the embossed shapes with luminescent hands and indexes. The Capsules are available with or without date indication.

Hegid Capsule Neo

Each Capsule houses a Swiss Made automatic mechanical movement, which can be admired through the transparent case-back.

Hegid Capsule Retro

The quick and easy patented titanium Capslock fasteners transform the watch in just a few seconds. Unique, their serial numbers are engraved to ensure the authenticity of each piece.

All HEGID Capsules maintain the same round shape and similar dimensions to maintain their adaptability with different Carrures.


HEGID Carrures are made from 316L stainless steel. You can discover different versions of carrures under Vision, Expedition, Laboratoire, Série Noire Vision and Mirage lines. They are available in round, square or octagonal shape. They also feature different design features and dimensions but maintain a standardized sized inner space to accommodate all Capsules made by Hegid.

All Carrures also maintain a lug width of 22mm. Depending upon the version, they incorporate different surface finishing techniques like brushing, polished or DLC coating.

Hegid Vision Carrure

Measuring 40mm diameter, both Vision and Noire Vision Carrures are equipped with bi directional rotating bezels. The Vision Carrure has a 316L stainless steel case with a bezel incorporating anodized aluminum bezel insert. The Noire Vision Carrure features a black DLC coated stainless steel case and bezel with anodized aluminum black bezel insert. These Carrures are perfect for creating a sporty timepiece.

Hegid Laboratoire Carrure

Featuring a slender profile, Hegid’s Laboratoire is a perfect Carrure for creating a classic dress watch. It has 38.5 mm diameter stainless steel case topped with a fixed bezel.

Hegid Expedition Carrure

Hegid’s Expedition is a 3-piece Carrure. It has a square shaped structure with 42mm diameter (46 mm with bezel). Made from 316L stainless steel, this Carrure features fixed bezel and crown guards. This Carrure is suitable for creating adventurous inspired watches.

Hegid Expedition Watch

Introduced in 2020, Hegid Mirage Carrure features a curved octagonal structure inspired by the wedge design Italian cars of the 1970s. It has a diameter of 39.6 mm and features satin-brushed finishing on the 316L stainless steel case. This carrure is perfectly suited for creating retro-inspired timepieces.


The brand offers different styles of straps under Legende Pilote, Courage and Mission categories. The leather straps are available under alligator, buffalo, bull, calf, camel and ostrich categories.

The leather straps feature different styles of stitching and surfaces. Rubber straps are also available. Fitted with a 316L stainless steel buckle, the straps maintain widths of 22mm at the horn side and 20mm at the buckle side.


Customers can also purchase a complete watch that incorporates a Capsule, a Carrure and a Bracelet.

Hegid Laboratoire Darwin

The brand has 4 collections – Vision, Laboratoire, Expedition and Mirage – all offers complete watch sets suitable for various styles and uses. You can also configure your own watch using the online configurator.

Watch boxes

To accompany the evolution of a Hegid timepiece, the brand has developed a bespoke case. The wooden box comes with the watch chosen at the acquisition and already includes hidden spaces thought to receive other watches, capsules, carrures and bracelets. It is therefore not a passive box but an evolving watch box capable of containing a large number of combinations of the same piece.

Made in France

From the design to the production of its models, Hegid made the choice of a local ecosystem from its beginnings. Apart from the Swiss movements which are sourced from a factory in La Chaux-de-Fonds, most of the watches creation and manufacture steps are processed by cutting-edge craftsmen who cooperate closely on the native land. Between Paris and Besançon, Hegid well deserves the Made in France signature as 80% of the value of the watches is French.

Official website: https://hegid.com/