7 Reasons Fashion Watches Are Worth the Purchase

The watch industry has all kinds of timepieces and horology is huge when it comes tobrands. The most elite watch enthusiasts only work with manufacturers that are known for their craftsmanship. Unfortunately, this isn’t fashion brands as they focus more on the look of their devices than the quality of parts in them. Watch-snobs use “fashion watches” as a derogatory term for timepieces that only look good.

We’re pretty fond of them. Countless brands are producing these timepieces, which is why we had to review them. We ran through all the reasons they’re worth the purchase.

They’re Freely Available

Back in the old days, watches were not that common – pocket watches ruled. Everyone has a wristwatch now. From the timepieces available, fashion watches are easily amongst the most popular. We think they’re the most popular type as manufacturers who don’t primarily make watches produce them as well.

Wrist watch

As they’re readily available, you can find them in all kinds of styles, which would reflect who you are as a person. You can also find several pieces with the design you want, easily snagging one that’s well within your budget.

They Look Good

Swiss watches are so expensive as they’re packed with features. This is not true for fashion pieces, but they’ll look as good, even better. Don’t take the “fashion” in their name lightly – manufacturers produce them solely to look good. You might not guess it, but a lot of effort has gone into their aesthetic. As they’re so many of them available, it won’t be hard for you to find a stunning one.

Good Parts

As you know, watch enthusiasts aren’t huge on fashion watches. This is as horology is important to them, and they believe fashion watches focus more on appearance than parts or quality of movements. This isn’t entirely true – the manufacturers producing the timepieces put in just as much effort.

hunters race watch

It’s hard to generalize them, especially when brands like Nixon are around.  Nixon is an American manufacturer that produces watches that are affordable, good-looking, and have great movements. They entered the game as they weren’t happy with the quality of cheap watches on the market.

We have to say, their timepieces are some of our favorites.  There are countless names like it – such as Jack Mason. They have great lines. Each collection is inspired by something, so you’re getting craftsmanship in their devices.

They’re Affordable

Not only do they look good, but they’re very affordable. As established, manufacturers focus a lot on the device’s appearance than the features it comes with. This results in a watch that’s well within anyone’s budget.

Some fashion watch manufacturers, like fossil, make their products look expensive. You’ll easily be able to fool people into thinking you spent an arm and a leg on them. Some lesser-known manufacturers do a good job at this too – like Megir. However, Megir produces watches that aren’t that great in quality.

Streetwear watch

As fashion pieces are everywhere, you can easily snag a deal on them. It won’t take you long to find a retailer selling them at a discount. Names like Akribos, Burei, and Nixon are known to regularly put their products on sale.

You Won’t Care About Damaging Them

You don’t have to be a watch enthusiast to know that watches can be very expensive. The Rolex Daytona costs well over $10,000. Fashion brands produce watches that cost a fraction of the price. If you were to shatter your Rolex’s display, you’d be incredibly disappointed. To get the timepiece fixed, you’ll have to pay a lot too. Not only would be affected less when you damage a fashion watch, but you can easily get a new one instead of having it replaced.

You’re Getting Dupes

In the watch world, designing watches that look similar to more expensive ones is called paying homage. Rolex has a myriad of brands paying tribute to them. This is especially true for the Rolex Submariner. Paying tribute and copying a timepiece is different. Tributes look similar, but they’re not identical.

More acclaimed brands generally don’t replicate other timepieces as the practice is looked down upon. However, fashion watch manufacturers don’t have such a reputation to live up to, so they replicate expensive watches all the time.

Watch enthusiasts are more linear with fashion brands as they’re not known for their horology. This results in a device that not only is affordable but looks expensive. Your loved ones would stop and stare – especially if you have a device replicating Audemar’s Piguet’s watches; they’re ultra-chic.

As you can imagine, tribute watches aren’t as expensive as the originals they’re duping. However, they’re still not that cheap. Invicta’s homages of the Submariner can cost up to $500. If you were to pick up a tribute a fashion brand made – not a replica, you’ll be spending a fraction of the price.

They’re Great Gifts

If you’re looking for a gift, a fashion watch should be at the top of your list. Not only are they affordable, but they’re freely available. This would allow you to get one that your loved one would adore.

White shirt and gold watch

Don’t forget that they look great too, which is just as important. They make show-stopper gifts as they come in boxes that make them look especially luxurious. This is especially true if you’re purchasing from an American fashion watch manufacturer.


What do you think about fashion watches? We think they’re great timepieces that not only look good but are super affordable. Many watch enthusiasts think they don’t match up to regular watches as they only focus on appearance. If you look around, you’ll find fashion brands that produce watches that are of superb quality. A good example of this is Nixon.

Of course, they make great gifts too. They come with automatic mechanisms, which make them as intricate as their counterparts and freely available as well. All in all, we think they’re fabulous purchases. So, which of the above points sold fashion watches the most?

[Note: This is a Guest post written by Callum Gough]