Angelus relaunches modern Manufacture with house-made, all-tourbillon collections that bring a dynamic edge to high horology

Founded in 1891, legendary Swiss watch manufacture Angelus has long been known as one of the 20th century’s most influential watchmakers, and collectors still prize vintage Angelus chronographs made from the 30s to the 60s. The brand went dormant after the 1960s, but the Angelus name has reemerged in the 21st century.

The revitalized watchmaker has embraced the best of the brand’s early legacy, from the 30s era logo to the innovation and manufacturing excellence long linked to the Angelus name, while setting a new course as a modern, vertically integrated watch manufacture.

The modern Angelus brand unites athletic aesthetics and high-performance advanced engineering to create its all-tourbillon watch collections, which are now designed and produced entirely in-house. New President and industry veteran Bertrand Savary hopes to leverage the brand’s strengths and unique value proposition to usher in a new golden age of Angelus timepieces.

Angelus U51 Diver Tourbillon
Angelus U51 Diver Tourbillon

The Angelus product catalog currently includes five distinctive all-tourbillon timepiece collections which range in price from $35,000 to $100,000. Industry insiders will understand the significance of this feat, as the tourbillon remains one of the key horological complications watchmakers seek to master and produce at scale.

Angelus timepieces are fully skeletonized, but their openwork tourbillon movements are by no mean delicate. From their beam-shaped bridges to their interchangeable lugs and straps, Angelus movements are built like athletes: lean, efficient, powerful, and adaptable.

Alternative materials like sapphire, titanium, ceramic, and carbon fiber are regularly incorporated for aesthetic effect or for their unique properties of lightness and strength, to improve long term wear and performance.

Visually, Angelus designs are dynamic yet cohesive, underlining the brand’s new athletic associations with bold forms, technological materials, and a strategic use of color. Iconoclastic designs, superior Swiss engineering, and an incredible value proposition have positioned Angelus as a brand to watch, poised for robust expansion.