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The Daytona Skeleton by Label Noir

Headed by watchmaker Emmanuel Curti, Label Noir is a specialist in the customization of high end wristwatches. The atelier extends its co-contracting services to such wristwatch aficionados who, in addition to acquiring sought-after models, delight in adding a personal touch to them, often synonymous with unique pieces or even limited editions. The Daytona Skeleton is the latest project from Label Noir.

The Daytona Skeleton by Label Noir

Watchmaker Emmanuel Curti, CEO of Label Noir, loves such clients because madness is synonymous with challenge. And when respect for fine mechanical watchmaking is matched by innovative creativity in terms of finishing and closures, the exercise requires the entire range of expertise in watchmaking excellence.

In 2018, for an elite client, Label Noir customized a Rolex Milgauss watch by incorporating the Tourbillon complication. This year, Label Noir surprises us again by unveiling the Daytona skeleton, a customized Rolex Daytona automatic chronograph.

The art of Skeletonization involves stripping each component of a watch movement of as much material as possible, without taking the risk of weakening its load-bearing structures or impairing its precision.

In this skeletonised masterpiece, all the original components of the famous calibre 4130 have been preciously preserved except the oscillating mass that usually made of a heavy steel and brass alloy. In this Daytona Skeleton which has become LNSK010-01 (LN for Label Noir), the oscillating mass is made of platinum. The transparent bottom allows you to admire it.

The Daytona Skeleton by Label Noir features a systematic inversion between polished and satin finishes using the SuperMattLight technique. As a result, what was shiny in the original Daytona becomes matt in this squellete version, and vice versa.

It’s sober, deliciously organic, particularly uncluttered. Like the hands and the bezel, which seem to have escaped any modification, the familiar crown, the distinctive sign of Rolex, has been preserved at 12 o’clock, as the culmination of an inner bezel on which some SuperLuminova tips have been sprinkled. As for the push-button protection devices, they have been kept as they are.

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