Peren Hintz

Peren is a Swiss Made watch brand registered in the Transylvania region in Romania. This young watch brand creates exceptional wristwatches inspired by the myths, mysteries and the ancient culture of Transylvania.

Peren Hintz swiss made manual wound watch

In 2020, Peren is releasing its new creation Hintz, a Swiss Made mechanical timepiece inspired by the pocket Watch received from a Swiss manufacture by one of the first Transylvanian watchmaker, Eugen Hintz (1869-1962).

Peren Hintz

Mr. Hintz was one of the most respected Transylvanian watchmakers. He had maintained partnerships with famous brands such as Tellus, Wyler and Junghans. By sourcing spare parts from Swiss manufactures, Mr. Hintz used to create watches in his workshop in Fagaras, Transylvania. It is in this same town where the Peren brand was registered as a trademark.

Wyler Eugen Hintz Pocket watch by Paul Wyler & Cie 1
Wyler Eugen Hintz Pocket watch (Paul Wyler & Cie)

The pocket Watch ‘Wyler Eugen Hintz | Fagaras’ was produced in the interwar period by a Swiss Watch manufacturer, Paul Wyler & Cie (Fabrique des Montres Wyler SA), company founded in 1925 who became well known in the watchmaking world thanks to their patent obtained for the invention of the balance wheel protection known as Incaflex.

Wyler Eugen Hintz Pocket watch by Paul Wyler & Cie 1

Because Peren Hintz is homage brought to one of Transylvania’s most important watchmaker, a rotating disk inspired by the ‘Andesite Sun’ found next to one of the most precise ancient calendar located in Transylvania, is positioned at the 6H Watch subdial.

The integration of the Solar Disk into the Peren Hintz Watch is meant to emphasize the continuity of the perennial philosophy from ancient Transylvania to the present time. The disk is the exact representation of the ‘Andesite Sun’ from the Transylvanian based Sarmizegetusa Regia site, converted from meters to millimeters. The ‘Andesite Sun’ from Sarmizegetusa Regia, was one of the first solar-cycle measurement tools which served also as an altar for the so called solar cult.

The 'Andesite Sun' from Sarmizegetusa Regia
The ‘Andesite Sun’ from Sarmizegetusa Regia

The ‘Andesite Sun’ is, from many points of view (astronomic, geographic, mathematic, religious, and cultural), the revealing symbol of this sacred place. The complex solar sign was represented by two concentrically circles joined by means of ten solar rays. The arc of the circle has a symbolical sense, that could indicate periods when the solar cults took place, or when the Sun phenomena occurred (solar-cycle). Specialists who have studied this sanctuary had rightly considered the temple as being a cult site for worshiping the Sun, a star which played a decisive role in the life and activity of agriculturists, shepherds, manufacturers and even in the day-by-day life of people.

Peren Hintz watch

The Peren Hintz Watch is constructed to comply with the neo-vintage design code while incorporating elements of art-deco composition. The rotating disk at 6H is the main feature of the Watch as its rotation represents the extension of the perennial philosophy transmitted from generation to generation.

Peren Hintz swiss manual wound watch

The Peren Hintz features a two-tone stainless steel case in hand-polished finish. It has a diameter of 42.50mm diameter and 11.20 mm thickness. The watch houses a Swiss Made ETA Unitas 6498-1 hand-wound movement that drives hour hand, minute hand and small seconds disk. This timepiece has a power reserve of 45 hours.

Peren Hintz

The Peren Hintz watch features a metal dial with embossed indexes, diamond cut hands in brass and aluminum rotating disk for small seconds. The watch is fitted with a domed sapphire crystal as its front glass and also features display case-back.

On 24 June 2020, Peren launched a Kickstarter fundraising project to promote this new watch collection. By supporting this online crowd-funding campaign, the backers can avail a special Kickstarter price on their pledges. The campaign will be closing on 17 July 2020.

Please visit the Peren Hintz Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign for more information.

Technical details

Model: Peren Hintz

Two-tone 316L Stainless Steel, hand polished
Diameter: 42.50mm
Height: 11.20mm
Lug to Lug: 50mm
Caseback: Display back
Crystal: 3 layers anti-reflective coated Sapphire, domed
Water resistance: 100M/10ATM

Swiss Made ETA Unitas 6498-1
Functions: Hour/Minute/ small second disk
Power reserve: 45 Hours

Metal dial, embossed indexes
Disk: Aluminium rotating disk
Hands: Brass, diamond cut

22mm Genuine Leather, steel buckle

Limited Edition: 300 pieces

Special Kickstarter offer
396 CHF (ETA Unitas 6498-1 Standard) and 496 CHF (ETA Unitas 6498-1 Elabore) [*Kickstarter pre-order limited early bird price]

Kickstarter page:


[Note: This page was originally published on 01 April 2020 and re-published on 04 July 2020 with updates]