Top 5 Uses of Smartwatches

Since Apple launched its first smartwatch, kickstarting the trend and encouraging other tech giants to take a plunge in the sector, the technology has come a long way.

Smartphones today can serve a wide range of functions, below are just five of the most significant uses.


1. Fitness Tracker

One of the most common uses of smartwatches is as fitness trackers. Even basic smartwatches usually come with a pedometer function that counts the users’ steps. However, some smartwatches will only provide these functions if they are paired with a smartphone that contains the necessary companion app. You should check before you buy your smartwatch.

2. Receiving Notifications

Having to pull your smartphone out of your pocket every time you receive a new message or alert can quickly get annoying. But with a smartwatch, you can not only check your notifications just by glancing at your wrist, but you can also respond to many of them using your watch, depending on the specific model you have.

3. Controlling Media

The other common reason that many of us find ourselves pulling our phones out of our pockets constantly is that we need to adjust the music we are listening to or line up a new podcast. With the right set up, you can leave your phone safely in your pocket while your watch controls media playback and adjusts your volume.

4. Navigation

Many smartwatches today have built-in GPS, enabling them to act as standalone navigation assistants, even if youdon’t have a smartphone to pair them with. A persistent misconception about smartphones is that they only work if you have the corresponding smartphone with a compatible operating system. In practice, there are many smartwatches on the market that function just fine all on their own. A list of the best standalone smartwatches available in 2020 can be found on

The quality of the GPS service provided by smartwatches has also improved substantially since the first generations. They can now be used just as reliably as a smartphone. However, note that the accuracy of the GPS will scale with price – you need to pay more for a more accurate GPS function.

5. Style

Aside from all of the technological benefits of owning a smartwatch, they also serve the same functions as regular watches. Not only do they tell you the time (what doesn’t these days?) but they are also stylish fashion accessories. Smartwatches can be just as fashionable as regular watches and are available in the same range of styles that regular watches are. The ability to customize smartwatches by swapping out straps and cases means that you can find the right combination to go with your look.

Smartwatches are the Swiss-army knives of the future. Smartwatches are so much more than just companions for smartphones, there is a growing market for standalone smartphones that are able to offer a full user experience without the need for a smartphone companion. The five uses outlined above are by no means the only uses that smartwatches have today.

About the author: Margot is a freelance writer who writes on fine wine, lifestyle, luxury and technology.