MW&Co. Watches

MW&Co. is an independent luxury watch atelier based in France. This modern, Made in France watch brand was founded by Romain Mussato. The brand made its debut at Baselworld 2018 jewelry and watch fair with their Asset collection.

Representing a new age in watchmaking, MW&Co. makes very exclusive pieces that showcase authentically disruptive, automotive inspired designs. The brand’s core collection, the Asset, with its adjustable lugs (called ‘dampers’), is a sizable watch that has captured the attention of many watch lovers.

Though young in the industry, MW&Co. has already established sponsorships and ambassadorships with prominent athletes in the world of motorsports. All born out of a genuine love for watchmaking, these partnerships have established MW&Co. as a rising name in the circles of truly passionate watch collectors.

MW&Co. atelier in France

Amongst the first big names to proudly wear MW&Co. was Didier Morville, better known under his stage name JoeyStarr. A veteran of French rap, JoeyStarr began his career in the late ‘80s with the group Suprême NTM with fellow rapper Kool Shen, quickly becoming a staple of the ‘90s in the French music scene. An avid watch collector, Joey Starr understood and appreciated the MW&Co. style and avant-garde design. For him, MW&Co. created a bespoke piece of the Asset.

The other official MW&Co. ambassadors are Jim Pla (French motorsports racer in the AKKA ASP Team) and Dakota Schuetz (four-time World Champion freestyle scooter rider).

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