Based in Neuchâtel, KRAYON is a design engineering studio specialising in watch mechanisms. A talented design engineer, Rémi Maillat set up KRAYON in 2013, serving prestigious clients as well as his own creations. Because thanks to KRAYON, this gifted young inventor can finally give free rein to his passion for and conception of watchmaking.

In addition to his own experience and complete command of the foremost mechanical complications, Rémi Maillat also calls on seasoned professionals: digital simulation engineers or experts in tribology (the study of friction and wear of interacting surfaces). Their out-of-the-box thinking overcomes watch-making’s every challenge to invent unprecedented horological functions and mechanisms.

About Rémi Maillat

Rémi Maillat has the very special power to take mathematical calculations and transform them into fabulous horological creations. As a student of micromechanical engineering at Le Locle University of Applied Sciences, Rémi Maillat sensed the possibilities that lay with watchmaking. Born to a family that lives and breathes mathematics – his father is an engineer in tribology (the study of friction and wear of interacting surfaces), his mother a maths professor – Rémi Maillat always dreamed of making his own mechanisms.

Since then, multiple new calibres have taken shape in his imagination, commissioned by clients or, since 2013, for Krayon, his design engineering studio in La Chaux-de-Fonds.

Rémi Maillat invents and develops watchmaking’s most revered complications – perpetual calendar, minute repeater, chronograph or tourbillon – sometimes with additional constraints such as form or extra-thin calibres. Indeed, he is constantly attentive to movement height, as this influences the thickness of the watch itself and therefore comfort on the wrist.

Over the course of his career, Rémi Maillat has led the development of timepieces in the finest watchmaking tradition, amassing expertise in the different stages that contribute to the creation of a high luxury watch, from initial concept to final production.

In 2017, Rémi Maillat introduced his first timepiece, the Krayon Everywhere watch. The Everywhere Horizon, a custom timepiece created by Krayon, won the GPHG 2018 Innovation watch prize. In 2020, Krayon unveiled its latest opus, Anywhere.


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