47Ronin: Bespoke Leather Watch Straps handcrafted from exotic Japanese materials

47Ronin is a Singapore based brand specialized in the production of handcrafted leather watchstraps from exotic Japanese materials, such as Kimono textile, Tatame-beri fabric, and brass buttons from Japanese school uniforms, and the former Nippon Railway uniform.

Beautifully crafted by expert craftsmen, the traditional Japanese art-crafts come with a long history and rich heritage. However, with decreasing demand domestically in Japan, and the young generation are unwilling to continue the trade, such traditional craft industry is fast diminishing.

The founder and designer of 47Ronin, Tong Cheuk Fung started to ponder on the idea of applying these traditional crafts in everyday products, so that the beauty of Japanese crafts can be showcased around the world. After much consideration, he decided to put a piece of Japanese craft on watch straps, and started sourcing, designing, and crafting watch straps with this idea in mind.

Tong Cheuk Fung is an alumnus of NUS Overseas College, Singapore. Before becoming a watch strap artist, he started his career as a consultant helping Japanese companies entering Singapore, and marketing Japanese products & tourism for overseas market. During his stay in Kyoto, Tong Cheuk Fung learnt about traditional Japanese crafts such as Kimono textile, pottery, tatami, bamboo crafts, etc.

He also discovered that Japanese traditional crafts are rapidly dying due to lack of domestic demand, and the younger generations are not continuing the trades. Driven by a passion to revive these diminishing traditional art crafts, Tong Cheuk Fung founded the 47Ronin brand.

The brand name 47Ronin refers to a legendary Samurai event. Ronin is a free roaming Samurai without a master. 47Ronin is a historical true story from over 300 years ago in Japan, where 47 Ronins showed great courage, and loyalty by taking revenge for the injustice execution of their late master (Daimyo). Their Samurai spirit or Bushido is well remembered and celebrated by the Japanese.

Tong Cheuk Fung dedicates his products to modern Ronins, who do not follow the status quo, but lead a life according to our own philosophy. With its meticulously hand-crafted watch straps, this young brand enables the customers to wear a piece of Japanese art on their wrists.

Since its establishment in July 2018, 47Ronin has been collaborating with micro watch brands from around the world by designing and crafting watchstraps for the brands. The micro watch brands include: JW Watch (Hong Kong), Phantom Lab (Hong Kong), HID Watch (Hong Kong), SIXOFOUR LIFE (Canada), Watanabe Kobo (Japan), Crowder (UK) and The Abingdon Co. (USA).

Besides the design and color preference of the customers, 47Ronin also customizes the watch straps according to the lug size of the watch, wrist size of the user, and special features such as water-resistant treatment, to suit each individual, creating one-of-a-kind watch straps for its clients. From high-end timepieces to smart watches, 47Ronin gives them a unique look and feel, handcrafting a stand-alone fashion icon for the wrists.

Contact details

47Ronin Watch Straps
Designer: Tong Cheuk Fung
Studio (by appointment): 6 Raffles Boulevard, Marina Square, JustCo,
#03-308 Singapore 039594


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