MING 27.01

An evolution of MING’s debut watch model 17.01, this new timepiece advances the concept of a versatile, collector-centric and accessible daily wearer by a significant step.

MING 27.01 is the first watch to feature the brand’s second generation design language. The core design elements were further distilled down to radial symmetry; legibility; the 0 marker; flared lugs and smooth case transitions; mixed finishes; and visual dissonance in layering to make watches seem much deeper or shallower than their physical dimensions might suggest.

MING 27.01 manual wound watch

On top of the additional layering and material transitions, the case in stainless steel now incorporates the innovative flying blade lugs. The 27.01 also introduces a new monochromatic focus for 2020, pairing well with a wide variety of wardrobes and straps.

MING 27.01 manual wound watch

It is also the thinnest MING watch made to date. The 38×6.9mm proportions give it surprising wrist presence yet versatile for all wrist sizes. The overarching brief of reduction has been carried through to the case and movement: excess material has been removed from the periphery of the case, with hollows extending through the lugs.

MING 27.01 manual wound watch

The 27.01 is powered by a heavily reworked ETA Peseux 7001 manual wound movement. The movement retains the original gear train and escapement. The bridges and plates are remade, courtesy of Manufacture Schwarz-Etienne, in a configuration of MING’s design, retaining the same aesthetic as the 19-series: solid baseplate with maximal opening of upper bridges to put the moving components on display.

MING 27.01 manual wound watch

The 27.01 is the first MING watch not to carry any luminous material. However, a contrasting mix of matte and brushed surfaces in four different shades of silver allow for exceptional legibility. This subtle variation in texture and height of elements creates a depth despite the lack of thickness; in its interaction with light.

MING 27.01 manual wound watch with modified ETA 7001 movement

The variation in texture continues through the case: at the front, the lighter polished steel bezel transitions to mid and then dark grey on the dial. On the sides, polished flying blades are offset against matte-blasted recesses and the rear echoes the front, with brushed steel transitioning to surrounds of dark-relief etched text, and finally a black movement.

MING 27.01 manual wound watch

MING has once again partnered with Manufacture Schwarz-Etienne for the production of the 27.01, Jean Rousseau Paris for the straps and Studio Koji Sato for our travel pouches.

The MING 27.01 is priced at CHF 3,950 and production for 2020 is restricted to 125 watches. Deliveries are expected to begin in September 2020.

Technical details

Model: MING 27.01

Hours and minutes

Case and dial
38mm diameter, 6.9mm thickness
Stainless steel 316L
Mix of polished, brushed and blasted surfaces with ‘flying blade’ lugs
Sapphire crystal front and rear with double-sided antireflective coating
Metallic circular brushed dial, multi-tone grey
Rigid case without spacer rings
50m water resistance
20mm lug width

MING 7001.M1: heavily-modified ETA 7001 with new bridges and baseplate
Black chrome plated bridges and plates
~42h power reserve at full wind
Movement adjusted to five positions
Smooth calf burgundy leather strap by Jean Rousseau Paris
20mm width, curved bars with quick release
70/120mm length
Fitted with 2nd generation ‘flying blade’ stainless steel buckle

Leather travel pouch handmade in Kuala Lumpur by Studio Koji Sato

2-year warranty against defects

Made in Switzerland

CHF 3,950

Available from
September 2020

2020 production restricted to 125 watches