Sinn Spezialuhren model 936 receives the Red Dot Award for its outstanding design quality

The Sinn Spezialuhren bicompax chronograph 936 awarded by the Red Dot Award in the category ‘Product Design 2020’. The Red Dot is a recognised seal for excellence in design quality. Only products that demonstrate design excellence are awarded the quality seal by the international jury.

The bicompax chronograph 936 is a timekeeping instrument that stands out down to the finest detail thanks to its clarity, technical details and consistent design. It is clear from the very first glance that the perfect readability and high mechanical resilience are focal points, thus resulting in space for a pleasantly calm and purposeful design. The hour and minute hands are rhodium-coated and matt-brushed. Coating with rhodium, a precious metal similar to platinum, gives these elements the finest silvery gleam, which harmonises with the polished glass rim of the satinised case. In contrast, the seconds hand gleams in red.

The SINN bicompax chronograph 936 with 60-second scale for the stopwatch minute was awarded the Red Dot Award in the category ‘Product Design 2020’. @ Sinn Spezialuhren GmbH.

When designing the chronograph movement SZ05 in-house, Sinn Spezialuhren focused on clearly displaying the stopwatch minute display with 60-second scale. This dispenses with the need to add stopwatch minutes, as is customary with the 30-second scale. The 936 is pressure-resistant up to 10 bar, resistant to low pressure and equipped with Magnetic Field Protection. Thanks to TEGIMENT Technology – a process which is used to harden the surface of the steel – the case remains scratch-free even when under heavy-duty use.

The Red Dot Award: Product Design is one of the world’s largest design competitions. Designers and manufacturers from 60 nations entered around 6,500 products for the award in 2020. Ten products received awards in the category ‘Watches’. The experience and expertise of the international jury in assessing such products is unrivalled. The experts from various disciplines have been convening for more than 65 years in order to seek out the best designs.

The assessment process, which spans several days, is based on two key criteria: the jurors test all entries in order to be able to assess them according to aesthetics, selected materials, workmanship, surface structure, ergonomics and functionality. Only after discussing each entry in detail is a decision reached regarding the design quality of the products. True to the motto ‘In search of good design and innovation’, their assessment focuses on criteria such as the level of innovation, functionality, formal quality, durability and ergonomics.