Sinn EZM 12: Mission Timer for Public Health (Developed In Collaboration with Emergency Physicians)

German watch brand SINN presents EZM 12, a special timepiece developed in collaboration with physicians for use in emergency medicine.

Simple cleaning and efficient disinfection of the strap system and rotating bezel, reliable monitoring of the ‘platinum ten minutes’ and the ‘golden hour’ thanks to the countdown outer rotating bezel, pulse rotor with pulse rotor scale for measuring heart rate – these properties set the award-winning EZM 12 from Sinn Spezialuhren apart from the competition.

In terms of form and function, the mission timer has been developed in collaboration with doctors especially for emergency personnel on rescue operations. Furthermore, its functions and properties make it a key tool for anyone working in public health. The EZM 12 allows doctors to measure time reliably and precisely throughout their working day – without compromising on cleanliness and the ability to disinfect it properly. As such, the EZM 12 contributes to saving lives and protecting the health of both doctors and patients.

One of the special features of the EZM 12 particularly relevant to medical personnel is the ease of cleaning and disinfecting the watch, thanks to the quick and simple assembly and disassembly of the strap system and rotating bezel. Each component can be cleaned with disinfectants containing ethanol, propan-2-ol, propan-1-ol and N-alkyl aminopropyl glycine, such as Bacillol® 30 Foam. The silicone strap can also be removed without the use of tools. The rotating bezel is easily removed using the large screwdriver on the penknife provided.

The EZM 12 is a reliable timepiece that has no sharp edges that could tear latex or nitrile gloves. Both crowns on the EZM 12 feature wide grooves, allowing even gloved hands to operate them easily.

The EZM 12 is an instrument designed to allow doctors to easily monitor a one-hour time period. In emergency medicine, it frequently comes down to those platinum ten minutes and the golden hour, as they are known. Both time frames can be measured precisely with the inner rotating bezel on the EZM 12. A second rotating bezel on the outer edge provides a countdown option, allowing the effects of certain medications to be reliably monitored within a specific period. An integrated pulse scale measures the heart rate every 15 seconds thanks to the rotor-shaped seconds hand.

The EZM 12 won the Red Dot Award for product design in 2019. The jury found the special properties of the EZM 12 for emergency medicine to be functionally impressive. The EZM 12 went on to win a further accolade in 2020: the German Design Award for ‘Excellent Product Design 2020’. The watch’s outstanding form and function impressed the jury greatly.


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