MB&F Horological Machine N°10 ‘Bulldog’

This brand new MB&F Horological Machine is a tribute to the relationship between man and dog.

The Horological Machine N°10 ‘Bulldog’ features a rounded, compact case made with titanium or red gold. Its case measures 45mm across, 54mm from nose to tail and with a maximum height of 24m.

It features an interested dial design. Below the large suspended balance that beats at 2.5Hz (18,000vph), you can discover two domed indicators: left one is for hours and right one is for minutes. The hour and minute markers are embedded with Super-LumiNova.

The revolving time-telling domes of HM10 Bulldog originated in the conical hour- and minute-modules of the first Horological Machine N°3. Subsequently, the cones took on rounded forms in HM3 ‘Frog’, but the one factor that remained constant was the urgent need to make them as light as possible, so that they placed minimal stress on the rest of the engine.

Conventional milling processes were reworked and tolerances were sliced micro-fine in order to produce paper-thin aluminium components in three dimensions. These components later appeared again in Horological Machine N°6, this time paired with conical gearing to enable the highly precise display of time.

The Horological Machine N°10 ‘Bulldog’ comes with a novel power reserve indicator inspired by the jaws of a Bull dog. Its hinged jaws open and shut according to the amount of wind left in its mainspring. A fully closed mouth indicates the end of power reserve and the timepiece needs winding. This is a hand-wound watch and has a power reserve of 45 hours. When you start winding the timepiece, the mouth opens gradually.

The fully open mouth indicates that the timepiece’s is now charged with 45 hours of autonomy. This massive power-reserve indication has been carefully designed and calibrated to consume the least energy possible, allowing HM10 Bulldog to direct its considerable mainspring torque solely towards its suspended balance and its revolving hour and minute domes.

When you observe the watch from dial side, you will see two collar type projections that secure the flexible strap lugs of the top part of the case. The projection also incorporates crowns: Left crown at 11 o’clock for winding and right crown at 1 o’clock for setting the time.

The manual-winding engine of HM10 Bulldog was designed and developed in-house, leveraging the best of MB&F’s technical expertise built up over the years. The large suspended balance that hovers just beneath the central dome of sapphire crystal was made possible by the various iterations of this mechanism in the Legacy Machine collection.

The massive jaws that indicate the level of mainspring wind are a much-expanded demonstration of the power-reserve management that was first deployed in the 2014 LM1 Xia Hang. The paper-thin aluminium domes have their roots in the HM3 Frog and were refined in 2014’s HM6. Even the grille work design motif in the “ribs” set beneath the balance and in the tail-end of the body echoes the automotive-inspired HM8, HMX and HM5.

Despite its bold dimensions, HM10 Bulldog offers comfortable wearing. Its sprung strap attachment “legs” allow the watch case to fit closely around the wrist, with the calf-leather strap fastened with either a folding buckle or Velcro system.

Available in both titanium and a combination of titanium and red gold, HM10 Bulldog is assembled with highly distilled expertise in micro-mechanical engineering. Fitting the requisite elements of timekeeping and time display within such a limited three-dimensional volume, while maintaining top levels of artistry and finish, requires careful balance between technical and aesthetic factors.

On the case back of each timepiece, you will find the engraving “Forget the dog, beware of the owner”.

MB&F Horological Machine N°10 ‘Bulldog’ is available in two launch editions: grade 5 titanium body with blue “eyes”, and 18k red-gold and titanium body with black “eyes”.

Technical details


Horological Machine N°10 ‘Bulldog’ is available in two versions
– Ti version: grade 5 titanium case with blue hour and minute domes;
– RT version: 18k red gold and titanium case with black hour and minute domes.

Manual-winding in-house movement
Frequency: 2.5Hz (18,000bph)
Bespoke flying 14mm balance wheel with four traditional regulating screws floating above the domed dials
Super-LumiNova on the hour and minute domes and markers
Single barrel with 45 hours of power reserve
301 components, 34 jewels
Left crown at 11 o’clock for winding; right crown at 1 o’clock for setting the time

Hours on left dome (aluminium dome rotating in 12 hours)
Minutes on right dome (aluminium dome rotating in 60 minutes)
Power reserve indicated in 3D by the opening and closing of the jaws (end of power reserve = closed jaws).

Version Ti: grade 5 titanium
Version RT: 18k 5N+ red gold and grade 5 titanium
Dimensions: 54mm x 45mm x 24mm
Water resistant to 5ATM / 50m / 160ft

Sapphire crystals
2 sapphire crystals treated with anti-reflective coating on both sides

Strap and buckle
RT version: hand-stitched brown calf-leather strap with custom-designed red gold folding buckle.
Ti version: hand-stitched blue calf-leather strap with Velcro system and titanium buckle.