ZEPPELIN LZ129 Hindenburg 2nd Edition (Ref. 8062, 8066, 8042, 8046)

Revised and reissued by Zeppelin, the second edition of the “LZ129 Hindenburg”, a series of classically elegant timepieces, pays homage to the largest airship ever built. The LZ129″Hindenburg” was travelling in the second half of the 1930s on the transatlantic route, as her sister airship LZ127 “Graf Zeppelin”.

With its perfectly shaped case, the side-chamfered lugs as well as the slightly domed dials, which are held in warm color tones, the remarkably classic LZ129 Hindenburg watch family brings the lifestyle of the late 30s onto the wrist.

ZEPPELIN LZ129 Hindenburg 2nd Edition

On March 4, 1936, the new Zeppelin LZ 129 “Hindenburg” was completed and undertook its first test flight. The LZ129 “Hindenburg” was used in addition to the LZ127 “Graf Zeppelin” on the transatlantic route. With a length of 245 meters, a diameter of 41.2 meters and a volume of 200,000 m³, it was the largest airship ever built. Four Maybach diesel engines with a total of 4,200 hp brought the airship to a top speed of 131 km/h and a range of 12,000 km.

The Zeppelin moves almost silently in the sky and offers an overwhelming view of the beauty of the earth. The luxurious airship, with its spacious interior such as the dining room, reading room, lounges and bedrooms, was the most comfortable and elegant form of travel at that time.

The watches of the Hindenburg series, dedicated to this unique airship, reflect the style of the time. Revised by Zeppelin in its second edition, the LZ129 “Hindenburg” model series pays homage to this largest airship ever built.

ZEPPELIN LZ129 Hindenburg 2nd Edition

The dial design of this classic watch follows the style of the 1930s. Clearly drawn Arabic numerals ensure good readability. The most distinctive feature of the new edition LZ 129 Hindenburg is undoubtedly the hour hand with the big eye. Similar to the famous Mercedes pointer, but without the inserted star, this pointer shape characterizes the new LZ 129 Hindenburg.

The flat shape with the curved K1 safety glass (hardened mineral glass) allows a fine crowning of the dial, which additionally increases the aesthetics. The result is a timeless, classic series that expresses understatement and good taste. The case is made of high quality, polished stainless steel 316L in a contemporary diameter of 40mm.

The caseback with inserted mineral glass provides a nice view of the movement. The dials are available in a total of four current colors. The dials, which are finished in anthracite and in a dark blue shade, not only have a decorative sunburst, but are also distinguished by a darker shade (degradé) emanating from the center. The surface coating is done in a complex galvanic process to achieve a particularly fine and velvety grain.

For the caliber the proven and reliable Citizen / Miyota Cal. 9015 used. The height of this redesigned, flat caliber is only 3.9 mm and enables designers to create slender watches that look flat and elegant on the wrist. The high-precision gear regulator works as a high-speed oscillator with 28,800 vibrations / h or 4 Hz.

ZEPPELIN LZ129 Hindenburg 2nd Edition

A total of 24 jewels ensure low-wear operation and a very long life of the movement. The high quality handmade leather bracelets guarantee highest comfort. All watches from ZEPPELIN are manufactured and tested in Germany by experienced master watchmakers and carry the seal of quality “Made in Germany”.

The new ZEPPELIN LZ129 ED.2 is for 379€ for the automatic models and for 199€ for the models with quartz movements.