IRON ANNIE Bauhaus Chronometer Chronograph, Observatory Glashütte, Ref. 5020

With the Chronograph BAUHAUS chronometer, German watch brand IRON ANNIE pays homage to one of the most well-known and most widely used aircraft in German aviation history, the Junkers JU52.

A Junkers JU 52, originally commissioned by Lufthansa in 1936 under the registration number DAQUI, was brought back to its original home country after an eventful history and was extensively restored. Today, the historic aircraft is being used again for events and sightseeing flights in the service of Lufthansa.

The legendary 3-engine Junkers JU52 with the registration number D-AQUI was, before it was rediscovered by two Lufthansa pilots by chance in the USA, owned by an American who nicknamed the machine IRON ANNIE.

The new top model, the IRON ANNIE Chronograph BAUHAUS Chronometer, Ref. 5020, with its unmistakable appearance pays homage to this flying legend of German aviation history.

IRON ANNIE Bauhaus Chronometer Chronograph, Observatory Glashütte, Ref. 5020

The design of the IRON ANNIE Junkers JU52 with the registration number D-AQUI of the German Lufthansa follows the guidelines of the Bauhaus, which include: Form follows function, the use of authentic materials, a minimalist and unfussy style and the combination of technology and design.

With the same precision and reliability with which the IRON ANNIE brought its passengers safely and comfortably from A to B more than 80 years ago, IRON ANNIE now assembles and regulates its chronometer models to receive the strict chronometer certificate from the Glashütte Observatory.

The Glashütte Observatory, an independent chronometer testing facility, has been operated jointly by the Hamburg-based family business Wempe and the State Office for Measurement and Calibration Thuringia (LMET) and the Saxon State Office for Measurement and Calibration (SLME) since 2006. The ready-to-sell watches submitted there are officially subjected to a comprehensive, multi-day test according to the strict German standard DIN 8319, tested for their accuracy and individually certified.

This distinguishes the chronometer test of the Glashütte observatory from other test methods, in which usually only the work is tested for its accuracy when not installed. In practice, greater deviations occur this way, as the influence of the case, dial and hands is disregarded.

The entire ensemble of a fully assembled and ready to sell watch will be submitted for review. The ETA / Valjoux 7750 caliber used in its highest quality grade is equipped with a gold-plated balance made of non-magnetic and temperature-stabilized Glucydur and a balance spring made of Anachron, the best and extremely tightly tolerated grade of Nivarox, finely regulated in five layers, turned on, re-tested and then presented by IRON ANNIE in Glashütte for certification.

Thus, the customer of IRON ANNIE receives a chronometer, whose accuracy is recorded and confirmed in the individually issued certificate.

IRON ANNIE Bauhaus Chronometer Chronograph, Observatory Glashütte, Ref. 5020

The satin-finished housing, which is water-resistant to 5 atm, is made of high quality 316L stainless steel and has a diameter of 42mm, with a height of 16mm. The domed and resistant K1 safety glass underlines the construction designed for high quality and longevity. The finely decorated and reliable automatic caliber can be viewed through the glass bottom. With an additional pusher at “10 o’clock”, the date display can be corrected quickly and without changing the time.

A high-quality watch strap made of the finest, hand-processed leather with contrast stitching emphasizes the exclusive touch of the IRON ANNIE BAUHAUS chronometer.

All IRON ANNIE watches are manufactured and tested in Germany by experienced master watchmakers and bear the seal of quality “Made in Germany”.

The IRON ANNIE Chronograph BAUHAUS Chronometer, Observatory Glashütte, ref. 5020 is available at a price of 2.229 EURO. Optionally, the model is also available without chronometer certificate, equipped with a high quality Nivarox 2 coil spring, available as ref. 5018 for the price of 1,499 EURO.