ZEPPELIN Chronograph Chronometer „100 Jahre Zeppelin“, Sternwarte Glashuette, Ref. 7620

The ZEPPELIN Chronograph ”100 Years Zeppelin”, Ref. 7620 comes with the coveted chronometer quality seal from the Glashuette Observatory.

The German pioneer of aeronautics, Ferdinand Graf von Zeppelin, known for his huge airships, designed the world’s first steerable airship “LZ1” in 1900. In 1909 Ferdinand Zeppelin founded the Luftschiffbau Zeppelin Ltd., Friedrichshafen. This was the first air transport company in the world with its civil, commercial and worldwide passenger journeys.

On the occasion of celebrating the 100th year of founding the Zeppelin Ltd., a successful series of watches was presented, which embodies this style and the elegance of those days.

ZEPPELIN Chronograph Chronometer „100 Jahre Zeppelin“, Sternwarte Glashuette, Ref. 7620

In addition to the well-known, elaborately silver coated dial (Ref 7620-1), with a fine minute hand and additional tachymetric scale in combination with the striking Breguet hands, there is now another variant, with a dial in elegant black color (Ref 7620-2). An extremely tough, scratch-resistant sapphire glass offers the delicate dial perfect protection. The transparent back offers an unimpeded view of the beautifully finished, high-precision watch movement.

With the same precision and care Count Zeppelin brought to airship travel almost 100 years ago, in order to reliably reach destinations many thousands of kilometres away across the oceans, ZEPPELIN today develops, assembles and adjusts its chronometer models to ensure that they pass the stringent tests of the Glashütte Observatory in order to be finally awarded with the chronometer certificate.

ZEPPELIN Chronograph Chronometer „100 Jahre Zeppelin“, Sternwarte Glashuette, Ref. 7620

The Glashuette Observatory has been managed as an independent chronometer test institution since 2006 by the Hamburg located business family Wempe in conjunction with the official offices of weights and measures in Thuringia and Saxony (LMET and SLME).

The ready-for-sale watches that are submitted are subjected to comprehensive and stringent accuracy testing over several days in compliance with the ambitious German standard DIN 8319, against which they are individually certified.

This differentiates the chronometer testing carried out by the Glashuette Observatory quite considerably from other chronometer approvals, in which mostly just the uncased movement is tested. In real life this can result in larger discrepancies in accuracy, since the influence of the watch case, dial and hands is not taken into account. However this is not the way ZEPPELIN is dealing with.

The ETA/Valjoux 7753 chronograph calibre comes at the highest quality level and is powered by a gilded amagnetic and temperature-stabilised Glucydur balance wheel as well as an Anachron hairspring, which are fitted in the best and lowest tolerance quality level of Nivarox and then fine tuned to five positions.

Once all parts being assembled to a complete watch, tested and readjusted again if necessary the ready for sale timepiece will be sent to Glashuette for certification.

The ZEPPELIN customer thus receives a genuine chronometer, the rate and precision of which are recorded and confirmed in an individually issued certificate.

caseback view of ZEPPELIN Chronograph Chronometer „100 Jahre Zeppelin“, Sternwarte Glashuette, Ref. 7620

The satinised casing, which is water-resistant up to 5 atm, is made of high-quality stainless steel 316L and has a diameter of 42 mm, with a height of 16 mm. The elegant watch face is further enhanced by the characteristic Zeppelin rings that are part of the watch case.

The sapphire glass emphasises the high quality and durability of the whole design. The delicately decorated high-quality automatic chronograph movement is visible through the transparent back. With an additional pusher at “10 o’clock”, the date display can be quickly changed without interfering the time.

A high-quality leather watch strap made from the finest shell-cordovan leather with a light contrasting seam underlines the exclusive appearance of the ZEPPELIN Chronometer „100 Jahre Zeppelin“.

All ZEPPELIN watches are designed and manufactured in Germany by experienced master watchmakers and bear the quality seal “Made in Germany”.

The ZEPPELIN Chronograph, Chronometer “100 Jahre Zeppelin”, Sternwarte Glashuette, Ref. 7620 is available optionally with silvered (Ref. 7620-1) or black (Ref. 7620-2) coloured dial at authorized watch retailers from EUR 2,299.

As an option, the ZEPPELIN Chronograph, Chronometer “100 Jahre Zeppelin” is available without chronometer certificate, equipped with a high quality Nivarox 2 hairspring, as Ref. 7618 for a price of EUR 1.499.-