Raketa “Copernicus” Automatic Watch

Inspired by the iconic soviet watch Copernicus, this watch pays homage to the science of astronomy.

The first Raketa “Copernicus” watch was launched in the early 1980s, and it is no coincidence that it bears the name of the famous astronomer. Its design is entirely inspired by Copernicus’ theory of the Universe, which led to a fundamental revolution in the science of the 16th century: the Sun lies at the centre of the system, and all the planets revolve around it (and not the other way round as had been thought up to then).

Raketa “Copernicus” Automatic Watch

The big circle (the minute hand) symbolises the Earth which rotates around the sun in 1 year, whereas the small circle (the hour hand) symbolises Jupiter which rotates around the sun in 12 years: indeed, the hour hand circles around the dial 12 times slower than the minute hand.

Raketa “Copernicus” Automatic Watch

The Russian engineers of the Raketa Watch Factory have fitted this watch with an automatic movement entirely designed and manufactured in Saint Petersburg.

Technical details

Calibre 2615 automatic
Number of jewels: 24
Testing positions: 4
Average rate (s/d): -10+20
Average running time (h): 40
Frequency/hour: 18.000 / 2.5Hz
Bi-directional automatic winding
Stopper of self-winding unit activated during manual winding
Decoration: Hand-made Neva waves (rotor)

Material: Stainless steel / PVD black
Size: 40.5 mm
Front glass: Sapphire
Back glass: Mineral
Water resistance: 5 АТМ

Genuine leather / Stainless steel bracelet
Width: 22 mm