Backes & Strauss Piccadilly Lucky Mystery

Backes & Strauss announces the launch of its new and playful Mystery collection. Reminiscent of lenticular printing, the Mystery series consists of a special pavé setting, which allows the discerning eye to perceive two different images in the dial depending on the angle of observance.

This Chinese New Year, Backes & Strauss welcomes good fortune with the Piccadilly Lucky Mystery, a one-of-a-kind timepiece of which the dial, when looked at from one angle, is fully set with Backes & Strauss’ signature white Ideal Cut diamonds, whilst from the other angle, it reveals the Chinese character “福” (Fu) illustrated with red rubies; in Chinese culture, both the character and the red colour itself symbolise “good fortune” or “blessing”. In its totality, the dial of the Piccadilly Lucky Mystery is set with 653 white Ideal Cut diamonds (2.13 cts) and 244 red rubies (0.91 cts).

With 106 white Ideal Cut diamonds (3.55 cts) set on its 18kt white gold case, and a further 30 (0.30 cts) on its buckle, this automatic watch is masterfully completed with Backes & Strauss’ trademark Ideal Cut diamond (0.12 cts) set into the crown, also known as the Jewel in the Crown.

Finally, it is also worth noting “福倒” (Fu Dao). Whilst “倒” (Dao) means “to pour” or to “turn upside down” it also sounds a lot like “到” (Dao) meaning “to arrive” or “to come”. Therefore, the character “福” (Fu) is often used upside down to express that “Good Fortune Has Arrived”.

Technical details

Size: 40 mm
Movement: Automatic, Platinum Rotor
Case: 18kt white gold set with 106 white diamonds, 3.55cts
Dial: 653 white diamonds, 2.13cts and 244 red rubies, 0.91cts
Bracelet: Alligator leather strap
Buckle: 30 diamonds, 0.30cts
Crown: The Jewel in the Crown, 0.12cts
Display: Hours, Minutes & Seconds
Total carats: 1034 gemstones, 7.01cts

* All brilliant cut diamonds set on Backes & Strauss are Ideal Cut diamonds unless stated otherwise.