ALLEMANO is an Italian precision instruments company with a rich history that traces back to 1856. Based in Turin since its establishment, the company entered into the watchmaking business in 2019.

The History of the Allemano Company

1856 – The origins

Founded in 1856 by Giuseppe Allemano in Italy, the factory originally operated in the field of heavy carpentry and manufacturing of steam powered road rollers used in the construction of roads.

1919 – The first measuring instruments

At the beginning of the 20th century, Giuseppe handed over the company to his son Felice. Thanks to his experience in the control of steam and steam engines, Felice started producing pressure gauges, thermometers and other measuring instruments. The company soon became a specialist in measuring instruments installed on board of ships, aero-planes, submarines and the fist Italian automobiles. Among the very first, the Fiat 501, the first to be serially produced, is equipped with the 1919 Allemano pressure gauge.

1929 – The establishment of the Allemano F. & Figli Company

In 1929, Allemano Felice changed the company name to Allemano F. & Figli by handing over the business responsibilities to his sons. The production intensified as well as the manufacturing of precision mechanics for the creation of extremely high precise pressure gauges, thermometers and dynamometers.

1950 – Allemano on board of aeroplanes, trains, ships and racing cars

In the Fifties, Allemano expanded its production capacity and started manufacturing a full range of measuring instruments for the aviation – such as pressure gauges for fuel and oil control – as well as for rails and ships.

1960 – Allemano and the industry

In the Sixties, thanks to the company’s expertise, experience and tradition in the control of pressure, Allemano started to cooperate with the mechanical industry, introducing precision instruments for presses, industrial machineries and plants – such as the chemical and petrol.

1980 – Allemano’s Underwater Instruments

At the beginning of the 80s Allemano began crafting, assembly and calibration of underwater instruments, such as hyperbaric chambers, depth gauges and decompression gauges. The company took over the brand SOS Italy. The famous Allemano depth gauges, entirely projected, crafted and assembled in the historical headquarter in Turin can be found in the collections of many museums of underwater instruments. This represents an important achievement, even if with a short history, since, starting from the mid-80s digital depth gauges entered the market.

1990 – The road to the rebirth

Subsequently, despite the great prestige obtained along the years, the company itself endured the influence of the harsh socio-economic environment of the 90s, but still waiting for a rebirth that is just around the corner and that will give new lifeblood to continue with the manufacturing of precision instruments for the mechanical industry.

2010 – Allemano’s Laboratory

Along the first years of the 2000s the company undergoes another important transformation, together with the constitution in 2010 of the Allemano Laboratory equipped for Accredia calibrations and calibration services for equipment for the measurement of: length, shape, roundness and profile, planarity and roughness, force, pressure, hardness, torque, angle and level, volume, temperature, electrical quantities, smoke analysers, instruments calibration and gas.

2019 – The Misuratori del Tempo

2019 is the year of a new metamorphosis for the company because of the birth of the 1919 Collection of the Misuratori del Tempo by Allemano, with a strictly past-related design and the strong will to give its products a new visibility as well as in the origins. The inspiration for this collection is the key that opened the doors to the project: the 1919 FIAT 501’s pressure gauge found that day at Auromotoretrò.

In 2019, Allemano displayed its timepiece collections at the Inhorgenta jewellery and watches (22nd-25th February) fair in Munich, at the Baselworld (21st to the 26th of March) jewellery and watches fair in Switzerland and at the AuroChronos 2019 -International Festival of Independent Watch Brands at Expo-Łódź, in Łódź, Poland on the 5th and 6th October 2019.


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