De Bethune x @byJorgHysek Dream Watch 6 Table Clock

De Bethune presents the Dream Watch 6, a clock designed in close collaboration with the Swiss artist Jörg Hysek.

Denis Flageollet, who has a passion for timekeeping objects and has worked on many of them, conceives of and creates De Bethune clocks that combine the traditions established by of 18th century Master Watchmakers with contemporary art mechanics.

De Bethune x @byJorgHysek Dream Watch 6 Table Clock

Faithful to the spirit that drives De Bethune, each clock project originates in the juxtaposition of watchmaking history during the Enlightenment, of various techniques both for the movement and for the finishing, alongside the spirit of modernity that characterizes De Bethune’s identity.

De Bethune presented his first clock movement in 2003. It was inspired by the marine chronometers so dear to Denis Flageollet, a great sailing enthusiast, then came the mysterious Stellar Clock with its two sphynxes, and finally the famous Helicopter Clock created in 2015.

De Bethune is one of the very few manufacturers to master the know-how of clock making. Thanks to the skill of some of its watchmakers, the 180-component hand-wound mechanical movement 1318-010, adapted to the design and equipped with a constant force escapement, displays the hour, minute and moon phase functions with an accuracy of 5.7 seconds in a lunar month, or 1 day every 1225 years, which corresponds to an accuracy 457 times higher than conventional moon phases – an improvement by a factor of ten compared to the De Bethune standard.

The body of the Dream Watch 6 was created by Swiss artist Jörg Hysek while dial design and movement conception was the responsibility of De Bethune.

What Jörg Hysek conceived of and designed is a mechanical sculpture, with a creative aesthetic that gives off a force that speaks to lovers of the truly exclusive. Challenging the known and assumed, he expresses his sensibility to the mechanics of time. This clock is new, unique. The feet, for example: In addition to their almost sensual refinement and the role they play in design, the three legs have the double function of keeping it upright on a table, or to laying it down, as in a cradle so it can easily be rewound. Arming the clock and setting the time – it’s done discreetly from below, sparing the eye a glance at perhaps unwelcome “interruptions” in the clock’s lines.

The entire clock was fabricated in L’Auberson, in the Swiss Jura, in the workshops of the De Bethune Manufacture.

Technical specifications

Model: Dream Watch 6

Hours, Minutes, Moon phase with a precision with an accuracy of one lunar month: 5.7 seconds, or 1 day / 1225 years – an accuracy 457 times higher than the classical moon phases and ten times higher than the De Bethune standard

Mechanical movement, manual winding with freewheel without ratchet, caliber 1318-010
180 components
Constant force escapement
Frequency: 18,000 vibrations per hour
Jewelling: 29 rubies
21 micro ball bearings
Power reserve: 8 days

Spherical hands: mysterious, in mirror-polished titanium
Spherical moon phase indicator in sandblasted steel and mirror-polished flame-blued steel
De Bethune signature concave starry sky in blued mirror-polished titanium inlaid with white gold stars
Yellow gold rings and hour indicators on a blued titanium background