IWC Schaffhausen Extends International Limited Warranty from Two to Eight Years

Since 1903, the “Probus Scafusia” seal has embodied IWC Schaffhausen’s uncompromising standards for the quality and longevity of its products. Now, the Swiss luxury watch manufacturer renews this promise of excellence to its customers by introducing the ‘My IWC’ programme, which includes an offer to extend the International Limited Warranty from two to eight years.

IWC International Limited Warranty

When Florentine Ariosto Jones founded IWC Schaffhausen more than 150 years ago, he skillfully combined advanced manufacturing methods from the American watch industry, with the traditional craftsmanship of Swiss watchmakers. Thanks to this unique engineering approach, IWC’s level of industrialisation was high from the outset. The so-called Jones calibres were extremely precise, robust and durable pocket watch movements.

With the “Probus Scafusia” seal, the Swiss luxury watch manufacturer’s uncompromising quest for precision and reliability was given an official designation in 1903.

IWC “Probus Scafusia” seal

The Latin motto, which translates as “Solid Craftsmanship from Schaffhausen”, was coined by IWC’s then-director Johannes Rauschenbach-Schenk. Today, it is engraved on the crown or rotor of every IWC watch and symbolizes the exacting standards the engineers from Schaffhausen place on their work and their products.

From now on, every buyer of an IWC watch can join the ‘My IWC’ programme. Upon successful registration, the International Limited Warranty will be extended from two to eight years. The programme is also available retroactively. Watch enthusiasts who have purchased their IWC watch within the last two years, and are still covered by the original warranty, can also register. Members of the programme also enjoy additional benefits such as access to extra services and early information about new products and events.

The introduction of the ‘My IWC’ programme and the extension of the International Limited Warranty are the results of years of extensive investment by IWC into manufacturing capabilities and quality excellence. A significant milestone in this context was the opening of the new Manufacturing Centre in 2018 to mark IWC’s 150th anniversary.

In this ground-breaking new facility, IWC has successfully consolidated case making, movement-part making and movement assembly in one highly flexible open-plan facility. The newly developed manufacturing layout is organised in logical and sequential steps – from raw metal to finished watch case or movement. This approach allows IWC to achieve more efficient workflows, better communication and a totally integrated quality management system.

The latest generation of high-precision CNC turning and milling machines work hand-in-hand with the skilled eyes and hands of the best craftsmen and women to create timepieces that are as aesthetically beautiful as they are precise and reliable. IWC timepieces leave the Manufacturing Centre in Schaffhausen ready to provide their future owners with faultless timekeeping and the joy of wearing them for generations to come.