Moritz Grossmann Presents Twelve Unique Chinese Zodiac Watch Models with Christie’s

Inspired by the ancient Chinese art of reading the stars, Moritz Grossmann will auction twelve one-off pieces this year, each of which artistically showcases one of the Chinese zodiac signs.

As a homage to the Saxon watchmaking tradition in Glashütte and to celebrate free art, the fine timepieces will be auctioned together with the paintings by Dresden artists. The artists put their own personal interpretations of Chinese zodiac signs onto canvas. Their works of art were then painted onto the fine dials of the Moritz Grossmann timepieces by a miniaturist with the finest attention to detail.

Moritz Grossmann RAT One (Unique Piece, Chinese Zodiac Collection)

A selected unique piece in a fine case made from 750/000 rose gold was manufactured as the highlight piece of the collection. RAT One is all about the year 2020, the year of the rat in Chinese astrology. The one-off piece celebrates the rat, which is the first of the Chinese zodiac signs. In Chinese astrology, the rat is seen as highly intelligent with foresight and a keen sense of its environment. All other models are presented in fine stainless steel cases.

The whole collection was manufactured in High Artistic Finish with the calibre 100.1. The movement is visible though the generous transparent back made of sapphire crystal with an anti-reflective coating on one side. The pillar movement with well proportioned components made of untreated German silver with various finishes forms different levels. On the characteristic 2/3 plate with broad horizontal ribbing, the signet is engraved by hand. The Grossmann balance is visible in the curved plate cut-out and is borne by the cantilevered, hand-engraved balance cock with the typical fine micrometer screw.

A selection of handmade unique models will be auctioned together with Christie’s in an online auction from 18 November-2 December 2019.

This collection offers buyers the opportunity to acquire selected pieces with the finest finishes together with the works by selected regional artists. The collection is targeted at both men and women and at lovers of independent brands in general. It is the perfect symbiosis of Schönstes deutsches Handwerk and traditional Chinese culture.

Moritz Grossmann Zodiac Watches

  • LOT 107: RAT One (Including the original painting of Laura Heyne)

  • LOT 108: OX Two (Including the original painting of Tony Käseberg)

  • LOT 109: TIGER Three (Including the original painting of Jaroslava Werstler)

  • LOT 110: RABBIT Four (Including the original painting of Julie Pietschmann)

  • LOT 111: DRAGON Five (Including the original painting of Christiane Schneider)

  • LOT 112: SNAKE Six (Including the original painting of Tony Käseberg)

  • LOT 113: HORSE Seven (Including the original painting of Caroline Kortrijk)

  • LOT 114: GOAT Eight (Including the original painting of Svetlana Hantusch)

  • LOT 115: MONKEY Nine (Including the original painting of Martina Hanzsch)

  • LOT 116: ROOSTER Ten (Including the original painting of Caroline Kortrijk)

  • LOT 117: DOG Eleven (Including the original painting of Timo Miura)

  • LOT 118: PIG Twelve (Including the original painting of Laura Heyne)

HK$ 160.000 – 240.000 for LOT 107
HK$ 120.000 – 200.000 per piece for LOT 108 to LOT 1118.

Visitors and selected media will be given the opportunity to see the collection in person as part of an exclusive preview event.

Public Preview event from 22-27 November 2019
Hong Kong Exhibition and Convention Center, Hong Kong1 Expo Dr., Wanchai

Media Preview Event on 21 November 2019
Hong Kong Exhibition and Convention Center, Hong Kong1 Expo Dr., Wanchai

With its company headquarters in Glashütte, Saxony, and as an expression of its links to the local region, Grossmann Uhren GmbH will donate a portion of the proceeds to a regional aid organisation from Dresden.