David Beckham, Lady Gaga, Jay Chou and the All Blacks – Tudor Brand and #Borntodare Campaign Ambassadors

In 2017, the Swiss luxury watch brand Tudor launched a new campaign with the “Born To Dare” signature which reflects both the history of the brand and what it stands for today.

Daring individuals have long chosen Tudor while achieving the extraordinary on land, ice, in the air and underwater. This signature also refers to the vision of Hans Wilsdorf, the founder of Tudor, who manufactured Tudor watches to withstand the most extreme conditions, watches made for the most daring lifestyles indeed. It finally tells of the singular approach Tudor is known for today, having pioneered now major trends within the watchmaking industry.

The Tudor “Born To Dare” spirit is expressed in a campaign manifesto and supported globally by ambassadors whose life achievements directly result from a daring approach to life.

David Beckham

One of the most admired, gifted and successful football players of all time, a philanthropist, an entrepreneur and a global style icon, David Beckham’s life journey embodies the daring values that made Tudor what it is today.

David Beckham is a multi-faceted man with a taste for finer things. David Beckham wears the Black Bay S&G, a vintage-inspired steel and gold diver’s watch as well as the Black Bay Chrono, a COSC-certified chronograph with column-wheel manufacture calibre drawing upon Tudor’s diving and motorsports heritage.

David Beckham - Tudor Brand and #Borntodare Campaign Ambassador
David Beckham – Tudor Brand and #Borntodare Campaign Ambassador

As a child, David Beckham had a dream. Whenever asked about what he would want to be later in life he invariably answered “a football player”. This early drive led him to become one of the most acclaimed, loved and successful players in the history of the game. With three major clubs and 115 selections in the English football team, 59 as captain, he left his mark: 6 England Championship titles, 2 Major League Soccer cups, one time Champion of Spain and one time UEFA Champion.

He might not have been the best scorer, nor the fastest player, but he had a unique style, both precise and spectacular. One of perfect passes, extraordinary kicks and supreme accuracy that proved decisive on the field. “Bend it like Beckham” says it all about his brand of game. By daring to go all the way, always, David Beckham made his childhood dream a reality.

David Beckham is one of the hardest-working players in the history of football. Never taking anything for granted, even when injured, or on loan to another team, he trained harder than most. As a player, he reinvented himself every game. Even though retired from professional sports, he still continues to inspire. His philanthropic activities focus on the protection and welfare of children worldwide. A long-time UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador and malaria foe, he dedicates his energy and time to the health and education of children in Africa.

Beyond philanthropy and football, David Beckham has worked his way up to the status of much more than a legendary player. Facing the fear of what comes after a sports career and building on his ambition, he established himself as a global style icon. His influence on popular culture transcends the pitch. He is a model and counts hundreds of millions of fans around the world.

Lady Gaga

Notorious for being provocative both on- and off-stage and leading a foundation committed to empowering young people, Lady Gaga personifies the very #BornToDare spirit that TUDOR has lived by since its creation.

An astounding voice, style icon, award-winning actress, political activist and philanthropist–Lady Gaga is all of these and much more. With her unique style and charisma, Gaga keeps millions of fans and the fashion community enthralled by her theatrical approach to her art.

Lady Gaga - Tudor Brand and #Borntodare Campaign Ambassador
Lady Gaga – Tudor Brand and #Borntodare Campaign Ambassador

An Academy Award nominee, as well as the holder of six Grammy Awards, two Golden Globes and two MTV awards, Lady Gaga has achieved a level of fame and respect few entertainers ever have. She has sold 150 million singles and over 30 million albums and is the only female artist to have had five US number one albums in the second decade of the 2000s. This incredible achievement is a result of her unique recipe for success: raw talent, hard work, bold choices and immense gratitude to her fans.

When you try and think of a daring individual in today’s popular culture, it is difficult to find anyone more fitting of the description than Lady Gaga. Behind the glitter and glam, her provocative style and political statements, she is the quintessential artiste. A singer, composer, performer and dancer, she uniquely projects herself, creating a revolutionary image as a way to reach her public. Writing her own lyrics, playing the guitar, the piano, dancing, asserting her unconventionality, she inspires awe, raises awareness and demands attention.

Lady Gaga is not just about entertainment and show business; she also tackles significant political and social issues. As a committed activist, her messages take many shapes and forms, often going against the political tide, but always without fear. Raising awareness of and money for Haiti in 2010 and Japan in 2011 were key achievements.

Her Born This Way foundation is committed to supporting the wellbeing of young people and empowering them to create a kinder and braver world. Leveraging rigorous academic research and authentic, meaningful partnerships, it provides them with tolerant communities, improved mental health resources, and more positive environments – online and offline.


Brought up in a family of teachers in Taiwan, Jay Chou was introduced to the piano at the age of four, after he demonstrated an early gift for music. He later on picked up the cello and to this day, still mentions Chopin as his favourite composer. As a man of taste and culture, Jay Chou wears the new TUDOR 1926, a highly refined while understated mechanical timepiece blending traditional horology aesthetics and contemporary high-performance watchmaking.

In 2007 Jay Chou founded his own record company, JVR Music, which pioneered cross-cultural fusion of electronic music with Asian pop music. This stable of talents proved repeatedly that his approach as a producer is in perfect tune with the aspiration of the youth in most parts of Asia.

Jay Chou - Tudor Brand and #Borntodare Campaign Ambassador
Jay Chou – Tudor Brand and #Borntodare Campaign Ambassador

Not only does he write, compose and produce music, he is also the director of a large number of music videos, including his own. Recognized in the directing circles, both in Asia and in the USA, as a successful ads director, he fully expresses in those short formats the vibe he feels among his fans, the deep and personal inspirations he passes on to the crowds.

Jay Chou plays the piano, the cello, the violin, the guitar and various types of percussion instruments. He started his career as a lyrics and music composer, and then put those talents to even better use when he started his singing career in 2000.He pioneered the blend of European music styles such as R&B and electronica with Asian classical music, inventing the “Chou Style”. After several albums, all sold in millions of copies, he took up acting.

In several Asian super-productions and blockbusters and in major Hollywood productions, he proved to be as much in his place on a cinema set as on stage. His filmography also includes the writing and directing of two feature films, which gathered critic’s acclaim. In both of them, music naturally played a major part. While assuming many different roles, including actor, director and scriptwriter, he has never abandoned his first love, music, and rose to the top of the Asian charts touring the world with every new album.

Jay Chou is also a known philanthropist and advocate of good causes. He stepped up to provide critical support in the wake of disasters including major earthquakes in Wenchuan in 2008 and multiple earthquakes in Taiwan over the years. He is an ambassador, and a donor, to the Fubon Charity Foundation, which is dedicated to the cause dearest to him, the care and education of impoverished, distressed and disabled children. In 2016, Jay also joined WildAid in a new campaign against rhino horn, shark fin, elephant ivory and other products decimating wildlife around the world.

The All Blacks and Beauden Barrett

Since 2017, New Zealand’s national rugby team, the legendary All Blacks, together with their explosive playmaker Beauden Barrett, have been ambassadors for TUDOR and its #BornToDare signature. Rugby is a powerful, uncompromising sport with noble values, a sport for the bold, a true reflection of the spirit that has driven this watchmaking brand since its inception.

Since 1884, New Zealand’s national rugby team, the All Blacks, has enjoyed a win-rate of over 75%, making it one of the most successful teams of all time in any sport. Despite being a relatively small country of 4.5 million residents, New Zealand has an enormous pool of talent with rugby coursing through the veins of 150,000 players, and many more supporters country-wide. With world-class training practices from the earliest age, a daring vision of the sport and enduring values of humility and team spirit, the All Black team towers above the individual star.

New Zealand’s national rugby team, the legendary All Blacks

International rugby matches can be extremely gruelling, physically intensive events. That’s why it is called a Test match, because it tests you in every way: it tests your physicality, skill level, endurance and mental ability to perform under pressure. The All Blacks show they are ready and up for anything when they perform the Haka, the world-famous, awe-inspiring Māori challenge before every test match. The Haka is their signature, their way of stating their origins, what they represent and what they are prepared to do.

As a group, they push the game to new heights, and to each new generation of players is passed the guardianship of the legend. The All Blacks are named after the colour of their team kit, with the All Blacks jersey one of the most famous pieces of sports apparel in the world. Embellished with a silver fern across the chest, it is the pride of New Zealand and symbol of the All Blacks’ cultural heritage, for whom it “will never change”. The players also believe that the jersey, the true embodiment of the team, does not belong to them: they are simply its temporary guardians with the duty to pass it on to the next generation “in a better position than you found it”.

Beauden Barrett
Beauden Barrett

All Blacks playmaker Beauden Barrett was named best rugby player in the world in 2016 and 2017. Raised in a family of rugby players, he started his professional career in 2010 at just 19 years old. Only two years into his professional career, he was selected as a substitute for the All Blacks. He became their starting number 10 four years later. In 2015 he was a key player in helping the All Blacks win Rugby World Cup.

With sheer speed, he launches himself into the smallest cracks in the opposition defensive line, surprising his adversaries and finding new openings. His relatively lean athletic stature is no hindrance to his bravery in the physical aspects of rugby at the highest level. His tactical nous belies his age. And yet he exemplifies humility, the very essence of the All Blacks.

The All Blacks and Beauden Barrett wear several different TUDOR models, whose robustness reflects their own. The Black Bay Dark, a sporty, vintage-inspired “all-black” steel model, whose colour comes from its black PVD finish, and the Black Bay Steel, renowned for the iconic red triangle on its rotating bezel, can both frequently be seen on their wrists. Tested to the extreme, just like the All Blacks, these models represent TUDOR’s uncompromising watchmaking philosophy and expertise.

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