CORUM Announces a New Friend of the Brand Hanna Zellers

The American car racer Hanna Zellers has joined the Corum family as a Friend of the Brand.

Hanna was born in the Midwest and currently resides in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Her passion for racing, even as a child, drove her to shatter expectations as a young driver coming up in the sport. At 16 she made the transition from go karts to race cars and started competing. After purchasing a Mazda Miata in 2014, Hanna started racing and earned several top ten finishes that season.

Hanna Zellers
Hanna Zellers

Making the move to Formula Enterprise in 2015, Hanna competed in the US Majors Tour, capping off the season with two back-to-back wins, four top five finishes and eleven top ten finishes. Hanna capitalized on her success in 2016 by becoming runner-up in the national championship and holding the fastest lap in her second attempt at the SCCA Runoffs.

Hanna also nabbed two top five finishes in the EXR Championship and placed third in the SCCA US Majors Northern Conference Championship. At the end of the year, she was named SBR SCCA Driver of the Year for the second year in a row.

Hanna Zellers CORUM

In 2017, Hanna raced in the SCCA Hoosier Super Tour Formula Atlantic placing 3rd in the open wheeled race car. This year she also ventured into NASCAR placing 12th in her first stock car race at NJMP.

2018 made the biggest impact on her career, made the bold jump to race IMSA in LMP3 after being evaluated in testing. She also had the opportunity to race in the F4 US Championship in order to broaden her racing prowess. In both races, she competed against many experienced and competitive drivers.

Hanna Zellers CORUM

This year, Hanna has been racing a BMW 235IR in TC America in the SRO America series. She has yet again impressed as she competed against veteran drivers in the series and started 3rd for her last race of this season. Hanna will be wearing her CORUM Admiral 38 on and off the racetrack as well as sporting CORUM logos on her race car and jumpsuit.

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