Alexander Shorokhov Revolution

With the watch “Revolution” Alexander Shorokhov wanted to realize his talentof engineer by showing more art and more “Avantgarde” in his design. At the same time, he was expressing his view to the future. Moreover, this new model should be in some contrast to the current watch models.

The new watch was presented, for the first time at the watch exhibition “Inhorgenta” in 2019 to a wide public and the press.

With the big case of diameter 43.5 mm Alexander Shorokhov is creating space for the movement and the dial and also makes room for his revolutionary imagination.

Continuing his direction of avantgarde art he completes the free space with geometrical elements as a square, a pyramid and a sphere as well as with small movement parts like springs and wheels. These parts are literally floating in the free room of the case which is likely to be broken through by the metallic bars. A small bridge with enamel coating in the centre is connecting the watch with the space which otherwise remains free and transparent.

The inner rim of the case and the outer edge of the small dial are similar to technical wheels. The aim was to create a feeling for the industrialisation and the heavy change of life of the people. Here, this emotion plays an important part.

The big industry and the fine mechanism of watches are connecting with each other perfectly. Both aspects are symbolic for the watches of the Avantgarde-collection by Alexander Shorokhoff – connecting the non-compatible. In this way, place for reflection, thinking over and philosophizing arises. This is what makes this watch so interesting and exciting and a real eye catcher.

There are different versions of the dial. On the one hand the designer wants to bring special symbols of revolution into the game – hammer and sickle. On the other hand some avant-garde and multi-coloured dials with different shape should be presented. So, every single dial will get its own art character. Hammer and sickle are assembled of rectangular parts and enamelled by hand. The additional use of transparent enamel gives rise to more depth of the colour.

In a further design version the hammer and sickle are completely engraved. Stars and of course the big number 60 help to read the time.

The third avant-garde dial with different shapes and colours fits perfectly in with the family of its predecessors “Miss Avantgarde”, “Plus-Minus” and “Kandy Avantgarde”.

The case back is enamelled in blue and black with further information about the watch. The rotor of the automatic movement is hand-engraved and refined.

Technical details

Stainless steel brushed and polished; front glass with antireflective coating; 5 atm of water resistance; d: 43,5 mm, h: 11,55 mm

Automatic movement 2671.AS, hand engraved and refined; 25 jewels;
Power reserve: 42 hours

Hours, minute, seconds from centre; calendar

Genuine alligator leather strap
Pin buckle engraved, deployment buckle with additional costs

Small limited editions

Price (As on March 2019)
3995,- EUR

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