Artisans de Genève «La Blausee» Gold – An Artisans Members Club Exclusive

The «La Blausee» Gold  was specially commissioned by Artisans de Genève for a watch enthusiast, who wanted his watch to embody the autumnal colors of Lake Blausee and the values of craftsmanship.

The result is a reinterpretation of the skeleton Daytona with a manual winding movement. For the launch of their new exclusive service, Artisans Members Club, the Swiss craftsmen have decided to offer this personalization exclusively to the members of the club.

Artisans Members Club is a service exclusively dedicated to Artisans de Genève customers. Through this club, Artisans de Genève will offer its members access to unique personalizations, as well as other benefits. To be eligible, the clients need to own a customized timepiece by Artisans de Genève.

Reconnecting with the classic timepieces and the first Daytona and their manual winding movement was a tremendous challenge for Artisans de Genève. It took them two years of research and development to develop a barrel and a mainspring that could replace the automatic winding mechanism and the rotor, allowing «La Blausee» Gold to have a power reserve of 72 hours. Each component of the 4130 movement is skeletonized with the highest precision, sandblasted and beveled by hand.

The tachymeter ceramic bezel is entirely realized in Artisans de Genève Swiss workshops. The piece is a delicate reminder of the colors of Blausee. It’s fully polished and brushed by hand.

The dial is skeletonized by hand before receiving a sandblasted finish that gives it this unique and intense black color.

The case highlights a combination of savoir-faire: satin-brushed horns, sandblasted back and polished angles. The original pushers are replaced with the “Millerighe” ones, a reference to the first Daytonas.

«La Blausee» bears the Artisans de Genève signature, a transparent and engraved sapphire back that lets the beauty of the skeleton movement shine through.

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