CODE41 announces the launch of a second series of their X41 limited edition timepieces

Following the presale of the first 700 watches last March (500 creator editions and 200 from the standard series), the brand CODE41 has announced that a new limited edition run of 300 watches will be put on pre-sale on October 30 2019.

When preorders opened on the CODE41 website at 3pm on March 12 2019, hundreds of enthusiasts rushed to reserve one of the first 500 X41 Fine Watchmaking pieces. In less than 3 hours, the counter recorded more than 1,000,000€ in sales, up to almost 2,000,000€ in 48 hours. This gamble paid off for this young Swiss start-up, whose ambition is to offer the public an example of Fine Watchmaking for less than 5,500€.

Far from just a temporary buzz, public interest in the X41 project seems to have settled in for the long term. In fact, in the months following the first edition, the number of members on the X41 waiting list has been constantly growing, and has now reached over 3,000.

This public interest in the X41 and recent figures for the Swiss watchmaking industry seem to show that Swiss watchmaking has new opportunities for growth within its reach. As the latest figures published this morning by the Swiss watchmaking federation confirm, demand for the sector of watches under 5,000€ has been the most affected by foreign competition.

The Swiss high-end sector, however, seems to be standing firm for the moment, thanks to the difficulty of imitating its expertise in the production of complex movements. On October 30 2019, CODE41 will launch the second numbered edition of its X41 watch.

The X41 movement showcases the superior expertise specific to Fine Watchmaking. Each component is produced in Switzerland, on demand and exclusively for the CODE41 community. Finishing touches and assembly are performed by hand. The time is read directly on the movement, without a dial, to truly highlight the magic of these mechanical sculptures.

For a watch to be considered Swiss Made, at least 60% of its value must be of Swiss origin. The X41 project has managed to achieve 90%, thus doing far more than enough to meet the requirements. And yet the X41 watches bear no mention of being Swiss Made, as CODE41 has opposed this deceptive label since the beginning.

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