Voutilainen T11 Pocket Watch for Only Watch 2019

The Voutilainen TP1 pocket watch embodies the perfection enshrined in Kari Voutilainen’s philosophy. The elegant and robust mechanism is housed in TV screen style case. This unique pocket watch is fitted with a LeCoultre ebauche movement.

Voutilainen T11 Pocket Watch for Only Watch 2019

Donated for the Only Watch 2019 charity event, this unique pocket watch is the first watch made together by Kari Voutilainen and his daughter Venla, who is freshly graduated from Watchmaking School. The choice of the design of the case and dial was made by Kari. Decoration of the movement as well colors was the choice of Venla.

Technical details

Model: Voutilainen TP1 Pocket watch

Dimensions: 50.30 x 50.30 x 14 mm

Engine-turned, made from solid silver

TP manual wound movement

Leather attachment