Swiss luxury watch maker CVSTOS presents a high complication timepiece, the Double Differential Tourbillon-S.

In 2017, Antonio Terranova, co-founder of Cvstos, approached Telos Watch, represented by two talented watchmakers Johnny Girardin & Franck Orny, to find the ideal partners in a perpetual quest for performance and efficiency in terms of chronometry.

In 2019, CVSTOS is presenting its new calibre the CVS8550 conceived in collaboration with Télôs Watch. This new addition to the Concept-S collection is the first movement with 2 Flying Tourbillons each turning at 4 hertz and added two new patents to CVSTOS list of technical advances.

The new Concept-S radicalizes the dimension of ultra-traditional chronometry in its execution and its finishing but especially in its totally innovative architecture. In addition, each Double Tourbillon offers individual customization possibilities for the choice of cases, materials, colors and finishes.

The single tourbillon or the double tourbillon are generally exercises of style, intended to legitimize or to demonstrate a certain know-how. However, CVSTOS pushes limits by making it a reliable and accurate measuring instrument.

CVSTOS Calibre CVS8550 – Manual-wound Double Flying Tourbillon Movement with a Differential

This DOUBLE DIFFERENTIAL TOURBILLON-S is the assembly of 2 ‘flying tourbillions’ mechanisms synchronized by a differential whose sole task is to distribute the torque and the force in an equal way to the 2 regulators (the tourbillon cages).

With its 2 patents filed, it pays tribute to the perpetual need for innovation of the brand, which refuses to follow certain trends of continuity. A concept Watch of this scale is a definite authority in a world of evermore competitive watchmaking environment.

This is the first movement with 2 Flying Tourbillons rotating at 4 hertz ever made, guaranteeing more precision (more accurate in comparison with the conventional Tourbillons rotating at a frequency of 3 Hz). The tourbillons are placed respectively at 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock and are equipped with a Grade 5 titanium cage upper bridge.

The tourbillons are synchronized (or equilibrated) by a differential device equipped with ceramic ball bearings, which give this set extreme mechanical rigidity, withstanding the impacts and of course the combined torque and mechanical forces from the 4 barrels.

Once again, innovation is part of this particular architecture, to say, that the plate carries only the gear train for the transmission of force to an entire system of flying components, such as, the Tourbillon cages, the minute time bridge and the differential. This set is mounted on 5 ceramic ball bearings and offers an unparalleled reliability ensured by a power reserve of 72 hours.

This mechanical set gives a dynamic and three-dimensional impression of suspended elements inside a totally open volume between the different organs. The transparency of the fully perforated dial, as well as the open case back, offer a remarkable visibility on the different elements of this skeleton movement.

Built as a work of art, the upper bridge of the flying differential cage, sports the indicator of the Small Second “Medium” , by a three-point hand, now emblem of the brand.

Movement’s architecture

The CVS8550 movement is constructed by four very specific levels. At its base, the main plate carrying the 4 parallel barrels and the transmission gear; the second, with the differential, the third level, far away from the main plate holding the two flying tourbillions and its specific blocks. The fourth level provides the display of time by means of the hour and minute hands as well as subsidiary seconds, which are calculated from the average timekeeping of both tourbillons.

This mechanical ensemble, of both aesthetical and technical nature, offers a three-dimensional and dynamic impression of suspended elements, via the openwork dial and open back. The massive free volume allows for the inclusion of the curved titanium bridge that carries the sculpted Arabic indexes and technically for both tourbillions to be positioned in line – placed at 9h and 3h – which traditionally is not technically possible due to the crown stem while conserving larger and visually impacting diameter tourbillon cages.

Twenty-five bespoke timepieces

The CVS8550 will be made available in a limited quantity of 25 movements and this extremely exclusive movement, fully manufacturer and conceived in Switzerland, will be fitted in bespoke designs only. Either choosing the Sea liner case, with its characteristic four porthole-shaped openings on the sides; or, the Challenge III case, with crown protections which reinforce the robust and sporty yet elegant design of this new case construction, the future bearer of this complex movement will be offered a wide array of possibilities in terms of material choices, ranging from red gold 5N, titanium or steel as well as different coloured PVD treatments, matching with also bespoke straps of astonishing colour and material combinations.

Technical details

CHALLENGE Tonneau-shaped, 53.70mm X 41mm
Materials: Blue Steel with rose Gold 5N components or Bicolor 5N Rose Gold.
Caseback: Open with sapphire crystal.

Calibre CVS8550, mechanical manual winding
Dimensions: 35.55mm x 36.06mm
Thickness: 10.10 mm
Jewels: 55 rubies
Number of Components: 387 components
Plates finishing: Sand blasted
Bridges finishing: Sand blasted, circular graining, bevelling and polished by hand
Barrels: Four barrels in parallel placed on the main plate
Barrels Finishing: Snail engraving

Number of Components: 54 components per cage
Weight: 0.394 grams per cage
Dimensions: 16.20 mm each cage
Rotation: One rotation / 60 seconds
Balance: Titanium, variable-inertia with mean-time titanium screws
Power Reserve: 60 hours
Frequency: 28’800 vph (4Hz) each tourbillon


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