The Antoine Preziuso Geneve is an independent and family run luxury watch brand owned by Preziuso family. Antoine Preziuso, a talented watch maker and restorer who was born and brought up in the world of horology launched his own luxury Swiss watch brand in 1990.

Antoine Preziuso Geneve is specialised in the manufacturing of complications such as tourbillon wrist watches, tourbillon wrist watches with jumping hours and minute repeaters with perpetual calendar, Minute repeaters with automatons, erotic automaton wrist watches, second time zone and unique timepieces.

For three exciting and fulfilling decades, ANTOINE PREZIUSO has been forging an intensely personal and groundbreaking path in the watchmaking world. Drawing upon a proud heritage of fine craftsmanship and yet refusing the constraints of conventions, he has produced a wealth of outstanding creations that are appreciated by watch lovers and connoisseurs the world over.

Whether commissioned by some of the best-known names in watchmaking, or issued under his own brand, models by ANTOINE PREZIUSO are distinguished by a unique blend of Latin artistry and design flair doubtless stemming from his family origins, along with skilled Swiss workmanship resolutely inspired by his native city of Geneva.

The surname “Preziuso” means “precious’’ in Italian, and Antoine came to appreciate the precious nature of time from a very early age. His fascination with watchmaking made him eager to begin training in this field, and by the age of 21 this young man in a hurry had graduated at the top of his class as a fully qualified watchmaker and restorer.

Through over a decade and a half spent working for some of the most prestigious brands in the watch industry, as well as for the specialised horological auctioneering house Antiquorum, for the Geneva Watch Museum, and for collectors in general, ANTOINE PREZIUSO consistently cultivated his twin fields of interest: restoring antique timepieces to their former splendour; and creating sophisticated watches housing major horological complications.

ANTOINE PREZIUSO GENÈVE continued to attract attention by the spectacular designs, fascinating complications and superlative finishing of its sophisticated models. Commissions from major firms and cooperation with other creative talents in the watchmaking world fostered international expansion and the opening of new markets. Accustomed to introducing world firsts, including in the “ART OF TOURBILLON“ range which has become an acknowledged brand speciality, ANTOINE PREZIUSO GENÈVE is also dedicated to research into new materials. It thus became the first firm to feature meteorite in its timepieces – setting a stellar trend that shows no sign of fading.

One of the key strengths of ANTOINE PREZIUSO lies in his ability to place a wealth of designer skills and know-how in the service of a broad range of customers. Collectors and connoisseurs of fine watchmaking, as well as enthusiasts and novices, are all able to find within the brand collections models that appeal to their individual tastes and requirements. From one-of-a-kind made-to-measure creations, sophisticated complications and diamond-set jewellery models, through to more affordable watches such as the Grand Robusto for men and Moonlight for women, ANTOINE PREZIUSO GENÈVE brings high-end horology within reach of all those with a serious penchant for fine craftsmanship, technical refinement and original styling.

Geneva is home to two generations of PREZIUSO artists who devote their art and their talent to the art of measuring time. Antoine, the founder and his wife May, along with their two children Florian and Laura, have made their family name a full-fledged profession of faith. Florian, after pursuing the same studies as his father, is now closely involved in all the company‘s new designs, and masters every aspect of R&D and production. His sister Laura divides her time between teaching at the Geneva School of Applied Art and creating mechanical jewellery – a unique approach to the world of high-class jewellery. Antoine‘s wife May, meanwhile, manages all the various facets of this family affair, to complete a creative trio.

All those who since 2006 have entered the workshops of ANTOINE PREZIUSO can feel a sense of entering the intimacy of a family environment. Firmly united around a set of intrinsic values and also sharing a taste for fine craftsmanship and creativity, the members of the Preziuso family are bound by ties of mutual trust an admiration. This family spirit naturally also extends to the surrounding team, composed of highly qualified and strongly motivated professionals that ANTOINE PREZIUSO has brought together in order to help him give life to his creations.


1957: Birth in Geneva. From his earliest childhood, ANTOINE PREZIUSO takes a passionate interest in watchmaking.

1973: ANTOINE PREZIUSO passes his entrance exam and is admitted to the Geneva Watchmaking School. He trains as a watch-repairer, specialising as a practising watchmaker and achieving full mastery of all the tricks of the trade. After five years of brilliant studies, he graduated with the top results of the entire school.

1978: ANTOINE PREZIUSO is hired by the largest and most exclusive watch company in Geneva, Patek Philippe, where he earns great appreciation for his professional skills and his serious-minded approach to his work in the horological complications workshop.

1980: The watch auctioneering house, Antiquorum, asks ANTOINE PREZIUSO to run its first ever collector’s watch restoration and appraisal workshop. He thereby broadens his knowledge of history and of the art of horology through the centuries, by working on the world’s most prestigious watches.

1981: By now a recognised horological expert, ANTOINE PREZIUSO opens his first antique horology workshop in Geneva. His outstanding reputation leads major collectors, great watch brands and the Geneva Watchmaking Museum to entrust him with the restoration of some extremely rare pieces. A member of the Cabinotiers de Genève association, ANTOINE PREZIUSO participates in the creation of 10 commemorative watches for the anniversary of the Geneva Watchmaking Museum. The wealth of experience thus acquired naturally leads him towards the actual creation of highly complicated watches.

1989: He is commissioned by one of the leading names in watchmaking, Breguet, to take up an unprecedented challenge: the development and production of a series of the world’s most complicated watches: minute repeater perpetual calendar wristwatches. After two years of feasibility studies, research and development, the first such wristwatch, accompanied by a pocket-watch in an elm burr presentation box, is sold at auction by Antiquorum in Geneva.

1991: The first ANTOINE PREZIUSO watch is introduced: a minute repeater perpetual calendar equipped with a patented system involving activating the strike mechanism via the rotating bezel of the watch case. This model carries the prestigious ‘’Poinçon de Genève’’ quality label. While continuing to create prestigious watches bearing his signature, he also specialises in producing complicated watches for various renowned brands.

1996: ANTOINE PREZIUSO exhibits his own creations at the Basel Watch and Jewellery Show, on the booth of the Académie des Horlogers Créateurs Indépendants (AHCI). His work is quickly recognised and he receives an offer to distribute his watches in Japan. Ever since, his collection of complication watches has been regularly shown throughout the world and is one of the most prestigious in the field.

1998: He is invited by Cartier to present his latest creations at the Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie (SIHH) in Geneva.

2000: The ANTOINE PREZIUSO GENÈVE company steadily develops and moves to more comfortable premises, providing space for a team of highly motivated professionals.

2001: The German-based specialised leather goods company, Goldpfeil, requests seven members of the AHCI to create its very first watch collection. ANTOINE PREZIUSO makes a one-of-a-kind dual time-zone model, as well as 150 all-leather watches honouring the Goldpfeil heritage, which are given a grand preview at the Basel Watch Show, followed by the first ANTOINE PREZIUSO GENÈVE exhibition held in its own premises.

2002: ANTOINE PREZIUSO presents the largest ever collection of tourbillons at the Basel Watch Show, comprising seven different models featuring innovative and striking exteriors, including the world-first appearance of meteorite. Since then, this precious celestial material has become a hallmark of creations by ANTOINE PREZIUSO GENÈVE. That same year, ANTOINE PREZIUSO takes part in the OPUS TWO event staged by Harry Winston at the Basel Show, by creating 13 tourbillon models with hours and minutes and 13 tourbillon models with perpetual calendar with calendars, including several diamond-set versions. Moreover, he develops a dual time-zone model for the BEDAT brand, which is also presented at the Basel Show. Second exhibition in the company’s own headquarters.

2003: The ANTOINE PREZIUSO GENÈVE opens up new markets including Russia and the Middle East. The collection is enriched by new developments, new trends and a number of ladies’ models. The emphasis is placed firmly on research into new materials and sophisticated aesthetic appeal. Third ANTOINE PREZIUSO GENÈVE exhibition in its own workshops. The concept of an exhibition in its own premises proves extremely successful. Connoisseurs, devotees, clients and media representatives visit the rooms at leisure, moving freely between the exhibition area, production workshops and the design studio. They particularly enjoy the opportunity to talk with the watchmakers, engravers and gem-setters, all fired by the same horological passion as ANTOINE PREZIUSO himself.

2004: In order to keep pace with increasing demand, the brand sets itself new objectives involving controlled growth while maintaining complete independence and self-financing, as well as creating new jobs. ANTOINE PREZIUSO continues to pursue the same objectives as ever, meaning targeting quality, innovation, originality and, most importantly of all, deriving intense pleasure from expressing personal creativity. In response to a wish expressed by foreign clients, the company opens a Geneva Boutique at 29, Quai des Bergues, representing a dream come true a little earlier than planned.

2006: The creation of the TRI-Tourbillon heralds a new chapter in horological history and represents a crowning achievement marking 25 years of independence for ANTOINE PREZIUSO 2 patent system. The brand gets a second Geneva showcase at the Four Seasons Hotels des Bergues with a 6th private exhibition on the theme “Unique Pieces“, featuring around twenty unique watches testifying to the experience acquired by ANTOINE PREZIUSO through 26 years of independent activity, in terms of creation, the development of horological modules, research into new systems, as well as aesthetics. Unveiling of a new interpretation of the Art of Tourbillon.

2007: 7th ANTOINE PREZIUSO Private Salon at the Four Season Hotels des Bergues, entitled “World Firsts and Patents“ and featuring 10 displays devoted to this theme. ANTOINE PREZIUSO also presents a world-first showing of the two first models in his Haute Joaillerie collection, equipped with a complicated horological system of the kind that has earned ANTOINE PREZIUSO international acclaim, and both conceived and designed by Laura Preziuso. Opening of the second ANTOINE PREZIUSO GENÈVE boutique in Kiev, featuring the brand’s most prestigious creations. Opening of “Les Heures Précieuses“ boutique in Osaka, echoing the concept deployed in the Geneva boutique.

2008: 8th ANTOINE PREZIUSO GENÈVE Private Salon at the Four Seasons Hotels des Bergues on the theme of “The Hidden Face of Time“. The new watch concept is based on a principle in which time itself is of secondary importance and the movement becomes the main player. The B-Side model in a titanium case highlights various movements featuring unique executions. The collection of animated jewellery is developed, with creations brought to life through an integrated watch mechanism.

2009: 9th ANTOINE PREZIUSO GENÈVE Private Salon at the Four Seasons Hotels des Bergues on the theme “Titanium Time“. A collection of several innovative models clothed in titanium cases are presented to a broad international audience. ANTOINE PREZIUSO launches a competition named “Time Dress Code“ for second-year jewellery students at the Professional Training Centre for Applied Arts, in Geneva. This project begins in September 2009 and gives nine students a chance to present their work at the ANTOINE PREZIUSO Private Exhibition held in January 2009.

2010: 1st Geneva Time Exhibition at the Geneva International Conference Centre, at the heart of the town centre, where 38 watch brands are represented. On this occasion, Antoine presents a new creation, the “Mega Tourbillon“, the world’s largest Tourbillon wristwatch, in a nod to the famous Burj Khalifa skyscraper recently erected in Dubai. Opening of the third ANTOINE PREZIUSO GENÈVE boutique in the Wafi City Mall, Dubai, which is undoubtedly the most chic shopping centre in Dubai housing an impressive cluster of prestigious brands.

2011: Private Exhibition in the Boutique ANTOINE PREZIUSO “Les Heures Précieuses” during which will be celebrate the 30 years of Antoine Preziuso Independence.

2012: 3RD Exhibition GENEVA TIME EXHIBITON at a new place in the Center of Geneva. Antoine presented his new creation the “Grand Tourbillon Sport GTS”.

2013: World tour during which an exclusive and varied collection is presented to the public.

2014: London exhibition at the Salon QP and presentation of the new version of the “Power Energy Indicator“.

2015: ANTOINE PREZIUSO reveals at BaselWorld in a “World First” – a revolutionary watch, result of three years of intense collaboration between Antoine Preziuso and his son Florian, the “Tourbillon of Tourbillons” cal. AFP – TTR3X. This complication embodies a savoir-faire derived from 35 years of independent watchmaking. Two awards at the 2015 Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève – Innovation Watch Prize and Public Prize.

2017: A new version of Tourbillon of Tourbillons is presented at the Baselworld 2017.

2018: The New version “Trillion tourbillon of Tourbillons“ pre-selected at the GPHG.

Horological Masterpieces

Rolex Oyster watch with perpetual calendar, One-of-a-kind creation (1980): During his studies at the Geneva Watchmaking School, ANTOINE PREZIUSO decided to modify a Rolex Oyster watch by adding a perpetual calendar function with moon phases and retrograde date.

Siena, One-of-a-kind creation (1986): A model inspired by the clock-tower on the Place del Campo in Siena. This watch is fitted with a Carare marble dial and original Baroque-style hands. Self-winding movement.

Quarter Repeater, One-of-a-kind creation (1989): This one-of-a-kind model features a meteorite dial. The quarter repeater mechanism is triggered by a patented rotating bezel system.

Breguet Minute Repeater (1990): Watch Made For Breguet in a 500-Piece Limited Edition. This watch is not only a minute repeater, but also a perpetual calendar, and as such one of the most difficult complications to make.

Antoine Preziuso Minute Repeater & Perpetual Calendar (1991): One of the first watches signed bearing the ANTOINE PREZIUSO GENEVE brand signature, and honoured by the Poinçon de Genève quality hallmark. Striking mechanism triggered by a rotating bezel (patented system). Limited Series.

Tourbillon Universal Jean Cocteau Edition (1992): One-of-a-kind watch made for Universal. The dial of this magnificent piece is hand-engraved and features a reproduction of a Jean Cocteau painting dedicated to Universal.

Antoine Preziuso Tourbillon Regulator (1992): Tourbillon Regulator in platinum, hand-engraved dial. One-of-a-kind creation.

Harry Winston Tourbillon (1993): One-of-a-kind Watch Made for Harry Winston. Platinum tourbillon with a bas relief hand-engraved dial depicting the door of the main entrance to the Harry Winston boutique on Fifth Avenue, New York.

Antoine Preziuso Traveller Tourbillon with Double Jumping Hours (1993): Tourbillon equipped with a jumping-hour dual time-zone display. The dial is entirely hand-engraved in bas relief. The horse-man and his rider represent the hour jump and the famous “Jet d’eau“water fountain symbolising the hometown of the creator.

Harry Winston Tourbillon (1994): Tourbillon regulator in platinum. One-of-a-kind Watch Made for Harry Winston.

Commedia Dell’Arte Automaton Minute Repeater, One-of-a-kind creation (1995): Hour and minute repeater with automatons representing Arlequin and Columbine. The case is made from platinum, and the striking mechanism is activated via a rotating bezel.

Harry Winston Wall Street Minute Repeater with Perpetual Calendar (1996): One-of-a-kind Watch Made for Harry Winston. One-of-a-kind creation in platinum with minute repeater, perpetual calendar and double retrograde day and date function.

Instrumento N°Uno for De Grisogono (1999): Initial sketch of the first development of the dual time-zone Module

Antoine Preziuso Stardust (2000): World première for this platinum tourbillon set with no less than 2,036 full-cut diamonds with 58 facets, the smallest in the world. Limited Series.

Goldpfeil “One-Of-A-Kind Creation (2001): Dual time-zone watch developed by ANTOINE PREZIUSO.

Bédat & Co “N°7 (2001): Dual time-zone model developed and produced by ANTOINE PREZIUSO for Bédat & Co.

Antoine Preziuso – The Art of Tourbillon (2002): The most refined of all ANTOINE PREZIUSO tourbillon models. It is an exceptional interpretation of the most prestigious of all complications, the tourbillon. Its pink gold case is stripped of all superfluity to highlight the beauty and rarity of the movement, whose decoration is inspired by the paintings found on Greek pottery dating from 500 BC.

Opus 2 Harry Winston (2002): Series of 26 Watches Made For the Harry Winston Opus Project.

Antoine Preziuso Stardust 2 (2002): A world-première platinum tourbillon set with the world’s smallest full-cut 2,052 diamonds with 58 facets. Limited Series.

Antoine Preziuso Gibeon Meteorite Tourbillon (2002): This timepiece brings the wonderful cosmic universe to the wrist through a perfect combination of the robust character of meteorite and the delicacy of the tourbillon. Limited Series.

Antoine Preziuso Marine Chronometers, One-of-a-kind Creations (2003): This creation houses a magnificent detent escapement with bimetallic regulator, cylinder-shaped balance spring, fusée winding. Hour and minute indication, small seconds hand and 56-hour power-reserve display. Chronometry certificate.

T21, Antoine Preziuso’s 21st Century Tourbillons (2004): On this new, discreetly elegant model, the round case in rose gold platinum or meteorite frames a dial in black, white, or mother-of-pearl for the most feminine version. Two delicate leaf-shaped hands sweep around these undulations, skimming across the generously curving ANTOINE PREZIUSO numerals at 9, 12 and 3 o’clock. The original shape of the dial highlights the tourbillon mechanism which displays the full force of its ethereal charm. Limited series. Models: T21 Lady Pink, T21 Platinum and T21 Meteorite Munionalusta

Antoine Preziuso P21, the 21st Century Perpetual Calendar (2004) : The evocative “Moon Revolution“ name appearing on the dial naturally refers to the lunar cycle displayed in the aperture at 7 o’clock, as well as to the revolutionary dial lay-out. Limited Series.

Gerald Charles Tourbillon (2004): Serie Created by Antoine Preziuso for Gerald Genta.

A-Evolution Gerald Charles (2005): Patented system. Series created by Antoine Preziuso for Gerald Genta.

From The Pocket to the Wrist (2005): Restoration of a Grand Complication movement. Single pusher chronograph, minute repeater with perpetual calendar made circa 1900- 1910. Adapted and transformed into a unique and exclusive wristwatch.

Tiret New York Double Day & Night Tourbillon (2005): Double Tourbillon made by ANTOINE PREZIUSO for Tiret New York.

Antoine Preziuso 3Volution Tri Tourbillon Resonance 3 (2005): One-Of-A-Kind Creation – Patented System.

Antoine Preziuso Oltre Tempo – 2006: With its mysterious effect of depth and perspective created by the original geometrical arrangement of the large diamond-set Art Deco numerals, the Oltre Tempo lives up to its name by evoking the elegance and refinement of a bygone era. Limited Series.

Antoine Preziuso Grand Robusto- 2006: When ANTOINE PREZIUSO decided to create his very first chronograph, all those who knew him were fairly certain that his watch would be unlike any other. The surprising and original result exceeds expectations and it is obvious at first sight that this “newcomer“ to the demanding field of chronographs features an ideal blend of strength and “attitude“. Limited Series.

Animated Jewellery by Laura Preziuso – 2006: This world-first collection of animated jewellery combining a watchmaking system in each jewellery creation was conceived and developed by Laura Preziuso. This daring and innovative collection features a clever choice of shapes and materials, mingled with mechanical ingenuity.

This first model, named Moonlight, is a magnificent pendant in 18-carat white gold, featuring scrolling motifs studded with 570 diamonds cut to form 58 facets. A beautiful pear-cut chaton-set aquamarine enhances this jewellery model with its blue-tinted reflections. The body of the Moon is composed of a dial in Munionalusta meteorite, endowed with a mysterious structure sprinkled with nine star-set diamonds. The watch movement is the large moon-phase calibre developed and patented by ANTOINE PREZIUSO GENÈVE. The moon is depicted in its endless path through the heavens. One-Of-A-Kind Creation.

Antoine Preziuso Tourbillon AF1 – 2007: Entirely designed and cut out by Florian Preziuso, it is naturally named AF1: A for Antoine, F for Florian and 1 for their first joint creation. This stunningly original model now enriching “The Art of Tourbillon“ collection is crafted in a highly contemporary version featuring pure, understated lines framed by a platinum case. One-Of-A-Kind Creation.

Antoine Preziuso Tourbillon of Love – 2007: Within the collection of animated jewellery, the surprising Tourbillon of Love model takes the form of a white gold medallion set with rubies and fitted with a tourbillon carriage. An irresistible way of expressing love and of telling someone your heart beats for them. This exquisite jewellery creation requires no hands to indicate the time, because love is timeless. This Haute Joaillerie interpretation designed by Laura Preziuso reflects a creative freedom entirely in tune with the family tradition. One-Of-A-Kind Creation.

Antoine Preziuso B-SIDE – 2007: The all too often hidden movement becomes the main actor on this watchmaking stage. And when the owner cannot resist casting a glance at the passing of time, a simple gesture with a secret pusher serves to perform an astonishing transformation as the watch unfolds and swivels without leaving the wrist, and reveals the traditional face bearing hands. Limited series. Tourbillon and Automatic models.

Antoine Preziuso Mystery Minute Repeater – 2008: The watchmaker creates the perfect illusion of having a minutes repeater with no striker, no pusher, no nothing fior activating the repeater. This purity of square case in stunning silver is holding a totally restored century minute repeater from LeCoultre ebauche. Based on his patent of the rotating bezel of 1991, the activation of the repeater is made by rotating the square bezel. One-of-a-kind creation.

Antoine Preziuso Tourbillon Royal Pocket watch – 2008: This timepiece is a royal or imperial tourbillon, the supreme ruler of all tourbillons. Imagine the gateway into the city of Time, which only the privileged owner will be able to enter and thus discover the supreme harmony of rhythms as he engages on a journey into the kingdom of the countless subtle secrets of Haute Horlogerie. The architect of this model, who is well acquainted with every corner of this “forbidden city“, loves to share with a few special guests each and every detail of the decorative motifs, the engravings, the gemstones, as well as the history of the origins of the components of this timeless palace.

Only a few specially authorised people are entitled to discover the architectural beauty of this unique monument. Laura and Florian Preziuso both participated in the execution of this timepiece. Each exercised their special talents: Laura for the design and the finely cut case, and Florian in restoring the movement.

The meticulous engraving and the exquisite gem-setting, performed by a team of professionals embodying the spirit and the performances of the company, set the finishing touches to a truly stunning masterpiece. This magnificent rose gold pocket-watch, housing an extremely rare Swiss tourbillon movement based on a movement blank from the Geneva/Vallée de Joux Watchmaking School dating from 1929, will naturally find its place within the universal fine watchmaking heritage. One-of-a-kind creation.

Antoine Preziuso The Art of Tourbillon in Titanium – 2008: This variation on the Art of Tourbillon theme which has become one of the brand icons, is powered by a Swiss APG/27T movement boasting a 90-hour power reserve. Its sizeable dimensions further enhance the timekeeping performances of this tourbillon with its one-minute revolutions. At 42 mm and 12 mm thick, the generous size of the tonneau-shaped case in titanium and 18K rose gold is in harmony with contemporary aesthetic standards. Loyal to the spirit of Haute Horlogerie which combines the talents of the finest artisans, each movement part is entirely bevelled and adorned with a hand-made engraving, making each watch a truly unique work of art. Limited series.

Antoine Preziuso Urban Square – 2009: This creation by ANTOINE PREZIUSO is distinguished by its contemporary urban architectural lines. Minimalism is the leitmotif here, and the mode of expression adopted is pure, understated and essential. Its finely crafted titanium case frames a dial with a powerful identity on which the hands shaped like city skyscrapers stand out vividly, and the majestic large date at 12 o’clock appears like a point of reference in the space-time continuum. Limited series.

Antoine Preziuso Grand Robusto Haute Vitesse -2009: This addition to the Grand Robusto collection was definitely designed to make a strong and lasting impact. Pared down to essentials with the disappearance of the traditional dial, this model features a titanium case surrounding the superb entirely open-worked chronograph mechanism. The function indications such as the tachometer scale, the 12, 6 and 9 o’clock numerals, as well as the minute counter, small seconds and power reserve indications, are all printed on a glare-proofed sapphire crystal, thereby further reinforcing the powerful identity of this resolutely modern model. Limited series.

Antoine Preziuso Black Devil & White Angel – 2009: ANTOINE PREZIUSO’s flagship Art of Tourbillon collection has been interpreted in numerous different ways since its launch. Fashioned in a platinum case, “White Angel“ features pristine purity, while the tempting “Black Devil“ version made from titanium is adorned with black diamonds and fitted with red hands lending it a particularly diabolical touch. One-of-a-kind creation.

Antoine Preziuso HYPNOSE by Laura Preziuso – 2009: The two rings and the bracelet of the Hypnose collection are crafted in white gold, set with diamonds and equipped with a mobile disc system mounted on a rotor. This system stages a superb play of shining brilliance with each turn of the hand and wrist, creating a truly hypnotic effect that is sure to mesmerise you. This Haute Joaillerie creation from Laura Preziuso is another dazzling demonstration of the free spirited and creative approach cultivated by the entire family.

Antoine Preziuso Mega Tourbillon – 2010: The Mega Tourbillon measuring 65mm in diameter is an amazing transposition from pocket to wrist. Based on a pocket-watch movement blank produced in 1928 by the Vallée de Joux Watchmaking School, ANTOINE PREZIUSO has created this truly astonishing watch. Finished and decorated in keeping with the finest watchmaking traditions, including specular polished bevelling, circular graining and Côtes de Genève, the regular ticking of this monumental movement with its huge beating heart takes us back to a bygone era. Equipped with a Breguet overcoil balance-spring and a balance-wheel with springs oscillating at 18,800 vph, this calibre won the first Timekeeping Competition in the 1930s. Five-Piece Limited Edition.

Antoine Preziuso Grand Tourbillon Sport GTS – 2012: The Grand Tourbillon Sport completes the exclusive collection ”The Art of Tourbillon”– and is definitely the ”Speediest” in the series, with its aerodynamic recalling a sports car, and its bright red spearhead hands evoking a speedometer. The cal APG/28T tourbillon movement is housed in a 52/45 mm x 12 mm case crafted in ultra-resistant Cobalt Chrome (Co-Cr) – a hi-tec, biocompatible alloy.

Antoine Preziuso Matterhorn Day And Night & Mont Fuji Day And Night – 2013: Antoine Preziuso has designed the series for all mountaineers who share his philosophy: Aim For The Top. Matterhorn Day and Night celebrates one of the most spectacular mountains not just in Switzerland but in the whole of Europe, and a UNESCO world heritage site: The Matterhorn. As well as Mount Fuji Day and night symbol of Japan with his 3 ‚ 776 meters in height, it is the peak of Japan, is also a part of the world heritage of the UNESCO: “Fujisan” sacred place and source of inspiration. Limited series.

Antoine Preziuso Tourbillon Baroque – 2014: From his earliest days as a watchmaker, Antoine Preziuso has been fascinated by the tourbillon. In recent years, he has accordingly made it the focus of much of his research and reflection, giving rise to a range of creations starring this literally “time-honoured” device. The case in white gold 18kt entirely engraved by hand, features a tourbillon movement cal APG/28T. Limited series.

Antoine Preziuso Power Energy Indicator -2014: The “Power Energy Indicator” is presented in two variants: a harmoniously combination between gold 18k, titanium Gr5 and steel or ADLC and gold 18k. The Energy Sector Indicator of the “Power” constantly shows the energy in its mechanism and hence the dynamism of its wearer. This new model Power is the fruit of a collaboration father and son Florian together.

Antoine Preziuso Stella Polare – 2015 : The power of Nature and the hand of Man have combined to give birth to a deliciously feminine watch, Stella Polare ‘Pole Star’ in Italian. Antoine Preziuso has let space forge the case of the Stella Polare – cut from a meteorite Munionalusta that fell to Earth north of the Arctic Circle over 100,000 years ago. The tourbillon movement is decorated in minute detail, hand-engraved stars on the bridges form a bas-relief set off against a background dotted with tiny craters, like the surface of a celestial sphere.

Antoine Preziuso Tourbillon of Tourbillons – 2015: This timepiece was conceived, designed and produced in collaboration with his son Florian. It combines rigour and technical perfection, and is protected by three international patents. The latest creation by ANTOINE PREZIUSO GENEVE features three tourbillons on a revolving plate, which resonate like three hearts beating in unison. Producing this ‘mechanical ballet’ involved challenges of incredible complexity, notably the creation of a central planetary triple-differential. The result is a timepiece full of poetry: a vibrant homage to the watch making’s finest complication.

Antoine Preziuso The Art of Tourbillon Barocco – 2017: This new version of the “Art of Tourbillon” collection, which has become one of the Brand’s icons, is equipped with a Swiss Tourbillon movement cal APG / 28T, entirely engraved by hand in bas relief, just like its 18ct gold case. Beautiful Louis XVI hands complete this fascinating Artwork. Limited series.

Antoine Preziuso Chronometer Tourbillon of Tourbillons – 2017: The Chronometer Tourbillon of Tourbillons is imbued with the symbolism of the figure 3. It is powered by three tourbillons at a frequency of 3Hz, linked by a triple differential and separated by three “masselottes” in finely engraved gold. The three tourbillons revolve on their axis every 60 seconds, while the plate completes six revolutions per hour. The sapphire glass on the back of the watch, with its Côtes de Genève patterning, shows three jewels at six o’clock, echoed by three smaller jewels at 12.

Antoine Preziuso Trillion Tourbillon of Tourbillons – 2018: These creation is set off by a 47 mm case that is deliberately extravagant, blends harmoniously with the white 18 ct gold with 233 diamonds that are 24 carat baguette-cut in rare white (Top Wesselton G+), invisible mounting, of unparalleled purity and radiance.

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