Christian Klings

An independent master watch-maker from Heidelberg in Germany, Christian Klings has been specialized in the manufacturing of custom made unique timepieces. He is also a candidate member of Académie horlogère des créateurs indépendants (Academy of Independent Creative Watchmakers).

Christian Klings was born in 1957 in Dresden Germany. Since childhood Christian developed a keen interest in mechanical watch making and with 16 years of age, he served an apprenticeship as a watchmaker with very good results. Soon after that, Christian opened his own business in antique clock and watch-restoration. In 1996 he started to build his own watches with various complications.

Christian Klings makes mechanical watches incorporating parts that are completely made in his own workshop. Almost all parts, like main-plate, bridges, wheels, springs, levers, tourbillon-cage, case, crown, gaskets, glasses, hands, etc, are designed and made by hand, with little grinding disc, file, polishing sticks, and the support of the lathe.

Christian Klings hand crafts unique mechanical timepieces on special request. Important time pieces made by Christian Klings are Flying Tourbillon Nr.1 (with passing strike), Tourbillon Nr.4 (with bridge, made out of glass), Tourbillon Nr. 5 and 6, visible through front and back, Flying Tourbillon Nr. 7 (with flying third wheel, visible through front, back and sideways), Mosquito (Wristwatch with shock resistant single beat Chronometer escapement with pivoted detent), Desmodromic (Wristwatch with shock resistant single beat Chronometer escapement with pivoted detent. Locking regulated through the escapement wheel, without spring returning the detent), and Tourbillon Open Version Nr. 12.

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Christian Klings
Pfortenstrasse 15
07318 Saalfeld
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