The Time Fury P18 by John-Mikaël Flaux

The Time Fury P18 is a mechanical clock with a unique concept (like its predecessor the CAR CLOCK) that combines the racing cars with the art of watchmaking. The design of each element was created in order to combine aesthetics and automotive technology with that of a watchmaking philosophy. The Time Fury P18 has a mad design inspired by the 50’s racing cars (like Ferrari).

The propulsion of the wheels allows the Time Fury to roll at a speed of 13.2 mm / h (31 cm per day). The time is readable at the back of the car by flooting numbers of hour that point the minute on a graduated sector.

The time can be set directly by the back wheels and the winding is done into the left exhaust with a little crank. A discreet transparent pedestal allows it to lift and immobilize the rear wheels.

Designed and manufactured by John-Mikaël Flaux, the Time Fury P18 requires one month of craftsmanship to execute and assemble its 256 pieces following rules of the art of watch-making (polishing, brushing, surface treatment, … etc). The main plates and wheels of the mechanism are in polished brass before being galvanized with palladium and the pinion are made in steel.

Technical details

• 256 components
• 11 Rubies
• 18,000 Alt / hour
• 8 days of autonomy
• Swiss lever escapement
• Flooting hours pointing graduated sector for minutes
• Time setting with the back wheels
• Possibility to let the car drive on table (13.2 mm/h)
• Aluminum body
• Laquered Color (handmade)
• Radiator grill in silver
• Rubber tires
• Mechanism in palladium-plated brass and polished steel
• Only 10 models edition
• Price: 14.900 Euros (without VAT/taxes)

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