The Car Clock by John-Mikaël Flaux

Crafted by John-Mikaël Flaux, the Car Clock is a mechanical clock with a unique concept that combines 1930s racing cars with the art of watchmaking. The design of each element was created in order to combine aesthetics and automotive technology with that of a watchmaking philosophy.

This horological art piece takes inspiration from the racing cars of the 30s such as the famous Bugatti T35, Amilcar C6 or Alfa Romeo P3.

The propulsion of the wheels allows the Car Clock to roll at a speed of 13.2 mm / h or 32 cm per day. The time is readable by the numbers that are engraved on the rear rims, the index on the steering wheel makes it possible to specify the minute. The time can be set by the steering wheel and the winding is done from the front with a key, in the same way that old cars use to start their engine. A discreet transparent pedestal allows it to lift and immobilize the rear wheels.

Designed and manufactured by John-Mikaël Flaux, the Car Clock requires one month of craftsmanship to execute and assemble its 270 pieces following rules of the art of watchmaking (polishing, brushing, surface treatment, … etc). The main plates and wheels of the mechanism are in polished brass before being galvanized with palladium and the pinion are made in steel.

The bodywork is crafted from aluminum then carefully assembled, lacquered and polished by hand, each rivet is custom fit. Like its elders, the Car Clock will be limited to a small number. Each Car Clock is signed at the month of making.

Technical details

• 270 components
• 11 Rubies
• 18,000 Alt / hour
• 8 days of autonomy
• Swiss lever escapement
• Powered time with double indications (right / left)
• Minutes readable on the steering wheel
• Time setting with the steering wheel
• Hand-made aluminum body
• Rubber tires
• Authentic leather seat
• Mechanism in palladium-plated brass and polished steel

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