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John-Mikaël Flaux is a young creator specialized in mechanical Art of horology. Based in France in Besançon – the city of French watchmaking – he is also an independent watchmaker candidate to the renowned AHCI in Switzerland.

His specialty, the art of mechanics, he aims to revisit the world of watchmaking by giving it a more poetic and extravagant dimension: “La Guêpe” (mechanism in the shape of a wasp), the Car Clock and the Time Fury P18 (clocks in racing automobile form), the automaton “the Duel” (a fight between 2 mechanical fencers).

John – Mikael Flaux graduated after 6 years of studies from Edgard Faure school in France (highest French watchmaking school) with a diploma of the Art of watchmaking « Diplôme des Métiers d’Art », and during his apprenticeship he came in1st place winning the gold medal in the national contest « One of the best apprentices of France » « Un des meilleurs apprentis de France ».

In 2012, he was noticed by the Swiss manufacturer Ulysse-Nardin and became a watchmaker in the major complications « grande complication » department. In 2014, he created “The Wasp” a watch mechanism that embodies the shape of the insect and from that point on he became a watchmaker-creator of the brand.

In 2015, he created for Ulysse-Nardin the table clock “Super-Catamaran” inspired by the offshore racing boats presented in Basel in 2016. In 2017, he left Ulysse-Nardin and Switzerland settling his workshop in France thus becoming officially an independent watchmaker.

At a time when watchmaking is becoming more and more industrial and expatriates from
France, there are still watchmaking craftsmen keen to perpetuate the profession with respect and love for a job well done. John-Mikael Flaux is part of this French craft philosophy. A large part of the components are manufactured in his workshop. The rest is bought or manufactured in France, only components that are unavailable on the French territory are bought in Europe.

The workshop offers the repair and restoration of both old and new pieces. The experience acquired by John-Mikaël Flaux during the Diploma of Art in Watchmaking and in Swiss industry gave him the necessary skills in this field.

With his experience of watchmaker-creator at Ulysse-Nardin, John-Mikaël Flaux also offers development and construction solutions. The equipment of the workshop makes it possible to undertake prototyping in all types of format from a standard size watch to a pendulum. The combination of development skills and watchmaking know-how makes it possible to respond with great flexibility to single or limited edition requests. John-Mikaël Flaux made it the specialty of his workshop.

Contact details

John-Mikaël Flaux
1 Chemin des Verjoulots,
25000 – Besançon

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