Antoine Preziuso TTR3 Blue Equalizer Frequencies

The unique TTR3 Blue Equalizer Frequencies watch by Antoine Preziuso boasts an18 ct white gold case with 233 sapphires of over 24 ct in total, in rare blue royal, baguette-cut, invisible mounting, with three solitary trillion sapphires floating on the dial, beside the three tourbillons.

The Tourbillon of Tourbillons movement, a core component for this brand, is the result of collaboration between him and his son Florian that is at the heart of this brilliant watch.

Three international patents protect the TTR3 Blue Equalizer Frequencies. Associating three tourbillons on a revolving plate gives the timepiece unmatched regularity, thanks to its triple differential. Each tourbillon completes one rotation per minute, at a faster rhythm than the plate, which completes six rotations per hour (one rotation every ten minutes).

The speed at which the tourbillons rotate is accelerated by this double revolution. They are placed equidistant from the centre of the plate, with their respective axes forming an equilateral triangle. Isochronism is enhanced by the fact that the three cages rotate on different axes and at variable speeds.

Triple-Differential or Synchronizer: This differential is unique both in its conception and the variety of tasks it performs. It must distribute constant energy from the double-barrel to the three tourbillons through the centre of the watch, without affecting the axis of the hands; react if one the tourbillon stops working; and correct any variations in frequency. It contains the tiniest ball-bearing in the world, barely 1.6mm in diameter!

The closeness of the three independent regulating tourbillons – and their positions on the plate – enables them to resonate, and naturally adopt an identical frequency through a phenomenon known as “synchronism”. When the tourbillons start to resonate, their amplitude increases significantly. The system as a whole thus forms a single revolutionary regulator, vibrating at a perfectly stable frequency of 3 Hz.

The generously sized 47 mm case has a sapphire back that allows the beholder to admire all the beauty and complexity of the patented movement, with three tourbillons to the front connected by a triple-differential gear rotating around each other in 60 seconds while the plate completes six rotations each hour.

Technical details

Model: TTR3 Blue Equalizer Frequencies

Calibre Antoine Preziuso AFP-TTR-3X
Winding: Manual
Power Reserve: 48 hours
Dimension: 39,8 mm
Total height: 10,8 mm
Transmission planetary triple-differential gear
Regulator organs: 3 tourbillons « planetary satellite »
Frequency: 3 x 21’600Ah (3Hz)
Rotating speed: 1 t/minute (tourbillons); 6 t/h (plate)
Components: 570
Rubies: 65
Ball bearing: 6
Barrels: double serial barrels
Decoration: 2 sapphires trillion – 0.76ct.
Patent : 3 international patents

Hours, minutes, tourbillon
Real Resonance Acoustic Frequencies patented

Shape: Round
Dimensions: Ø 47 mm
Thickness: 14 mm
Material: White gold 18kt. set with 233 baguettes blue royal sapphires
Glass: Sapphire crystal with anti-reflection treatment.
Crown: 18kt gold set with 20 sapphires baguettes + 1 solitaire sapphire
Back: Sapphire crystal

Rubber and crocodile leather on back.
Deploying buckle set with sapphires

Unique piece

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