Stefan Kudoke – Kudoke 1 & Kudoke 2

With his initial in house-movement KALIBER 1 introduced in 2018, independent watch maker Stefan Kudoke laid the foundation for a new line of models with the promising name „HANDwerk“ (German for „handcraft“).

At Baselworld 2019, the first two models of the new collection were presented. This new watch collection focuses on the application of traditional watchmaking methods, especially the elaborate finishing of the movement components by hand. These new timeless timekeepers complement the existing collection of skeleton watches called „KUNSTwerk“.


The classic bright dial with frosted surface and two edge-polished rings put on revives old times. Numerals and indicators remain discreetly in the background. The small second at 9 o’clock balances the face of the watch as a counterweight against the logo tag and crown.


Eye-catching is the blued hour hand. As the very symbol representing time, an infinity sign can be found here as well as hand engraved in the balance cock of KALIBER 1 standing for endlessness and balance.

KUDOKE 1 movement

Unobtrusively, the 39 mm stainless steel case with onion crown enframes this decent timepiece of traditional watchmaking, whose heart KALIBER 1 is revealed through the sapphire glass bottom. Price excl. tax: 6,303 EUR.



Based on KALIBER 1, Stefan Kudoke developed and executed a modification on the dial side of the movement, facilitating a 24-hour indication at 12 o’clock.


As for the first model, the hand finished movement – KALIBER 1 in version 24H – is visible through the glass bottom of the case. At the front the eye is caught immediately by the rotating domed sky disk.

KUDOKE 2 movement

Hand engraved and electroplated in three colors it demonstrates the familiar creativity of Stefan Kudoke. A small gold-plated triangle indicates the hour of day or night. But even if you can only take a quick glance at the watch, the upper half of the 24-hour-indication shows intuitively the current day or night time.


The dial continues the artistic line of the first model, combining roman as well as Arabic numerals on the two rhodium plated rings put on. And here again the attentive observer can find the infinity sign included in the hour hand as well as balance cock engravement in the movement. Price excl. tax: 7,807 EUR.

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