CATOREX is a Swiss watch brand boasting a rich horological tradition spanning over 200 years.

Located at Les Breuleux, the company is led today by Guy A. Cattin who maintains the proud tradition of mechanical watchmaking as the sixth generation, while unceasingly creating new types of watches adapted to the personality, taste and need of a very large amateur and expert clientele.

The story of CATOREX watchmakers started in the 19th century with Georges Ignace Cattin, born in 1785, a watchmaker and peasant at the same time. His only son, Constant Cattin, born in 1818, a watchmaker and peasant as well, founded the company Cattin in 1858. He had nine children. His youngest son, Numa Cattin, born in 1861, continued to produce the high quality watches, while still established in Les Breuleux, in the heart of the Swiss Jura. The fourth generation was represented by both of Numa’s sons, Armand Cattin, born in 1885, and Maurice Cattin, born in 1887. They were no longer peasants but only watchmakers.

CATOREX became a registered brand during the fifth generation, a hundred years after its actual founding and at the time was managed by Guy Cattin, born in 1932, and his wife Wilhelmine, perpetuating the know-how that has been developed since 1858.

Guy Cattin, father of Guy Albert, the current owner, was born in 1932; he registered the CATOREX brand name in 1957. In 1979, CATOREX attracted attention when it developed the smallest ever skeleton watch and, in 1985, the world’s smallest pendant watch. Guy Albert took over the family business in 1994.

Contact details

A division of CATTIN & CIE SA
Rue du Pré au Maire 10
Les Breuleux


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